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Muzhong Meiyu, which made Qianlong also "crazy"

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Muzhong Meiyu, which made Qianlong also "crazy"

Jin Sinan makes the treasures in the study become a good thing in daily life. It is not only simple and practical, but also placed in the living room of the study and adds a graceful and elegant beauty to the living room. It is very practical and versatile. It can be described as an heirloom artifact for personal use, collection and gifts Anything! Jinsinan is a precious wood unique to China. It is located in the first of the four famous trees (Nan, Zhang, Zi, and Muzhou). It is known as the wood of the emperor and the beautiful jade in the wood. The luster is as delicate as satin. The golden silk nanmu "nan" is the southern sound, and the south is the honorary seat, and the south of the wood is the sacrificial vessel and the towering object in the wood. In addition, it has the saying that "water can't be soaked, ants can't burrow", the wood is hard, it will not rot for thousands of years, and the fragrance is bursting, and it will become more and more moist with use. In the existing Lingen Hall of the Forbidden City, all 60 giant pillars are made of whole golden nanmu. Therefore, golden nanmu is a good material for making furniture, ornaments and buildings. It has been the royal wood since ancient times. The throne of the emperor dragon chair is made of high-quality nanmu. The so-called home has a box of jewelry, which is not as good as nanmu. Jinsinan is a good thing, which can be viewed, used and collected. Jinsi Nanmu, which makes the royal family "crazy", asks Jinsi Nanmu to ask for Jinsi Nanmu logs since ancient times. If an official pays tribute to the court, the golden nanmu, which is very hard to find, can be promoted immediately. If civilians pay tribute, they can directly seek a half-official position. According to legend, Emperor Qianlong planned to build the Shou Mausoleum, but the scarce golden nanmu grows very slowly, and it takes at least two hundred years to become a pillar material. Therefore, Qianlong took advantage of the reasons for repairing the former imperial mausoleum to steal the golden nanmu in Changling to make the coffin and beams and columns of his Shouling. It can be said that "gold is easy to get, but gold and wood are hard to find", which made the royal family crazy. The "gold" golden nanmu, which has been buried underground for thousands of years, has always been called the noble of wood, and there is even a saying that "1 gram of golden nanmu is worth 10 grams of gold". "The golden thread comes out of the river, and the wood grain has golden threads. When you look at it clearly, it glitters and is lovely." - "Museum Highlights" When the sun is just right, it can be seen that the "gold thread" in the golden nanmu shines, which is very magnificent fine. Jinsi Nanmu was born in poor valleys, willing to live in the wild, buried in the ground for thousands of years without rotting and boasting its fragrance, and finally reached the temple. The unique natural environment and climatic conditions of Sichuan not only created Jinsi Nanmu's warm and peaceful wood characteristics, but also its fibers. It is very compact and delicate, not easy to crack, not easy to deform, and feels warm and moist. The wood has survived thousands of years of wind and rain without rotting. It is a good wood with a value comparable to gold. ,endangered. The only surviving ancient tree species of golden nanmu belong to the national second-class protected plant, and it is forbidden to cut down. This makes some high-quality golden nanmu old materials that have been used for construction or furniture very precious. Even if they are occasionally encountered, the price is very expensive. When the general materials cannot be selected, it reaches 150,000-300,000 tons. The price of golden nanmu is soaring day by day, so friends who like golden nanmu must collect it as soon as possible. The Emperor's Wood Jinsinan × Craftsman Wu Shanzhao Wu Shanzhao, who is under the tutelage of his uncle Zhang Mufang, has devoted himself to the study of Ming and Qing antique furniture design and Jinsinan art furniture production for decades, and has made innovations on the basis of tradition. He combines the material beauty of golden nanmu, the artistic beauty of classical culture, and the beauty of modern high-end craftsmanship, and the finished products are very in line with the aesthetics of modern people. Wu Shanzhao’s family is a well-known local art and crafts family of Jinsinan. The stock of Jinsinan old materials is incomparable, and most of them are large-diameter old logs that were demolished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The wood is of high quality. Wu Shanzhao's Ming-style Jinsi Nanmu Yuedongmen Canopy Bed In the 2013 China Guardian Autumn Auction, a "Shuangyuedongmen door canopy canopy bed" was sold for an sky-high price of 5.06 million. Teacher Wu Shanzhao spent more than 700 days and nights re-engraving a work of the same style with Jin Sinan. Among them, there are nearly 3,000 large and small parts, and more than 4,000 tenon-and-mortise structures, which shows Mr. Wu's profound knowledge. Jinsi Nan dead wood root material is full of pattern bookmarks/good things for the study. The entry-level boutique/bookmark is made of Sichuan hundred-year-old Jinsi Nan dead wood root material, and the raw materials are scarce. The whole is full of patterns, the color is like gold, and it is full of luxury. The color is warm and moist, the wood is delicate, low-key and restrained, and the atmosphere is beautiful. The craftsmanship details are exquisite everywhere, and the hand feels soft and soft. Clipped in the book, to remind, from now on reading also has fun. Jinsinan old material double-sided plum-blossom wood comb/beautiful and quiet innocence/selected Sichuan Jinsinanmu old material, fine wood, natural texture, golden color, full of noble wealth, is a wood that can be encountered but not sought after A masterpiece of Chinese treasures. The natural wood is transformed into a traditional Chinese wooden comb. Compared with the horn comb and the plastic comb, the main advantage of the golden nanmu comb is that it will not deform and generate static electricity. The utensils made of golden nanmu have no heavy feeling. The texture is dense and magnificent, exquisite and unusual, and it emits a golden light under the light, but it is quiet and innocent, demure and low-key. The plum blossom symbolizes the spiritual quality of perseverance and self-improvement. The hand-carving makes the silk and wood grains infiltrate poetry, the solid and deep wood, and the delicate and complicated hand-carved carvings. The sense of grace brought by the infiltration of woody fragrance into the hair makes combing an essential part of a refined life. Adhering to the traditional Chinese handicrafts, the double-sided plum-blossom wood comb goes through dozens of processes and is made with meticulous workmanship. Smooth lines, elegant texture and beautiful tooth shape. Jinsi Nan root material full pattern Su fan ornaments / whole wood construction recommended collection / Su fans are well-made and complicated in craftsmanship. The fan-making skills were included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects in 2006. The bones of the Su fan are mostly made of bamboo, and this fan is rarely made of a hundred-year-old golden silk root material. The raw materials are scarce, the craftsmanship is exquisite, and the pieces are rare and precious. The craftsman uses traditional craftsmanship to make, adopts classical style, and the texture is online. The hollow pattern of the word "Fu" means beauty. The fan surface is not waxed, which fully retains the feel of the log, making it more simple and elegant. One thing is multi-purpose, the Su fan can be used for daily use and elegant play, and can also be used as an ornament in home decoration. Spread the Su fan on the base to show the elegant temperament. Put it on the desk in the porch, and you can smell the unique fragrance of Jinsi Nanmu when passing by, decorating the atmosphere of your home. Jinsinan old material multi-functional combination Duobaoge / mortise and tenon is rigorous, ancient method of hot wax / literati advocates elegance, and the Ming style also pays attention to "less wins more". The design of Duobao Pavilion is exquisite, and it is born with a subtle and introverted, flowing air. Selected Jinsinan old materials, mainly plain noodles, show the beauty of natural texture. The material is good without carving, simple but not frugal, exquisite but not complicated. A closer look reveals the golden texture. Multi-function combination Duobao Pavilion, the whole device adopts traditional tenon and mortise structure technology, and the ancient method is hot wax. The connection is seamless, the surface is polished and smooth, and it is not easy to crack after long-term use. It can not only meet the needs of daily use, but also add tonality to the hall and study, showing the unique taste of the owner, and has a high collection value. Jin Sinan's craftsmanship shows exquisite thoughts in simplicity and simplicity. Jin Sinan's works are often in the slightest. It seems that there is no work, but in fact, it is everywhere. In the simplicity and simplicity, it shows inadvertently exquisite thoughts. Material selection, cutting, drying, assembling, forming, grinding... Every process is perfect, and finally becomes a masterpiece. The selection of materials is to select the first-class century-old materials among the many wood materials, which requires no spelling, no supplementation, and no white skin. Cut the selected wood according to a certain size. The carving knife method needs to be skilled and clean, with smooth and clear lines. The concave part of mortise and tenon is mortise and the protruding part is mortise and tenon. Do not use too much force to grind off the knife marks and make it smooth. The hot wax forms a protective film on the surface of Jinsi Nan, which reflects the texture and has a protective effect. /User Instructions/1. The texture of golden nanmu is natural, with golden lines, water ripples and other forms; 2. Each product has a slight difference in color and wood texture; there may be natural tree knots, tumor scars and other phenomena. It is normal, please know.


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