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The umbrella designed by the winner of the German Red Dot Award is thinner than paper and smaller than the hand.

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The umbrella designed by the winner of the German Red Dot Award is thinner than paper and smaller than the hand.

Now this day, when the heavy rain comes, I will touch my pocket, oh, I didn't bring an umbrella! Even if the rainstorm is avoided, there is still exposure to the sun! It was so hot that the top of my head was smoking, and I regretted that I didn't bring the umbrella to the heat, take off makeup, tan, skin aging... It seems that if I don't bring an umbrella, it's all "retribution". Rather than forgetting to bring an umbrella, it is better to say that I am too lazy to take a traditional umbrella. A bag that takes up too much space can't hold this kind of "heart-piercing" pain, so it will end it! Smaller than a cell phone and thinner than a tissue! It is - light / art country style thin "card umbrella" QINGYI has a slim body, mini-sized sunscreen and rainproof, resistant to strong ultraviolet rays and goes out with a pocket, so small that it is ridiculously small! In order to achieve the subversive mini size and ensure that it is opened enough Redefine the "small" of umbrellas and focus on lightweight design and development. Its umbrella products have been awarded the "German Red Dot Award". The Red Dot Award is the largest and most influential German Red Dot Award in the world's well-known design competitions. It has been more than 60 years. The history of the "iF Award" in Germany and the "IDEA Award" in the United States are also known as the three major design awards in the world. The thin "card umbrella" was designed again by the designer who won the red dot award product. After countless polishing and adjustment, every detail and gap was used to the extreme to create a subversive "thin, thin and small" umbrella1 Subversion Bian Xiao holds an umbrella in one hand, how could he be so small if he didn't "go away"? The "card umbrella" is actually a circle smaller than masks, cola, etc. It is almost the same size as the palm, and the thickness is the same as the palm. Even small hands can control it with one hand. Compared with traditional umbrellas, it is more than 2 times smaller than traditional umbrellas. The thickness of the umbrella is also half flat than that of ordinary umbrellas. The body is flat and short, and the thickness is only 2.8cm for easy carrying. It is about the same height as a 1 yuan coin. To be honest, I have never seen an umbrella thinner than it! Compared with many flat umbrellas on the market, the Light Art "Card Umbrella" is so excellent that it is beyond imagination to thin and small, killing everything in seconds! The weight of the whole umbrella is about 160±5 grams. What is the concept? It is more than 100 grams lighter than a mobile phone, so light that it is almost insensitive The advantage of "Card Umbrella" is that it is not only small but also very easy to store. As long as there is a gap in the bag, it can be stuffed down and carried. It is more delicate and beautiful. This time, gay men who don’t like to carry bags can also walk away without fear of being drenched in soup. 2 Hydrophobic, anti-fouling and UV-resistant, a good umbrella for sun protection and waterproofing! Use ultra-thin composite black glue sunscreen coating to reach UPF 50+ SPF! Blocks 99% of UV rays! The ultra-thin composite coating needs to be repeatedly coated and baked in multiple complex processes, so that the umbrella surface can block the strong light and improve the stability of the coating. Rain can't wash it away. Violently shooting with a laser pen is also perfect for shading the sun. I want to test it with a professional UV test card. There is almost no UV light in the umbrella. No matter how strong the sun is, it can help you "shield" from the scorching sun. There is also an invisible "protective cover" to protect the skin. Tanning and sunburn, preventing sunlight stimulation Light art "Card Umbrella" has a unique enlarged umbrella design with a width of up to 92±1cm to prevent sun protection and at the same time cool down. "Walking Air Conditioner" is worthy of its name! Rainproof is also the basis of the basic "card umbrella" selected high-density waterproof impact cloth imitation lotus leaf design, the rainproof effect is very good! This high-grade umbrella cloth has good hydrophobicity and anti-fouling water stains, dust is not easy to contaminate the umbrella surface, the umbrella surface shakes slightly, and the water droplets are all dropped, and it is clean and hygienic when stored. Can not afford "wind and rain" The frame of high-grade aluminum alloy + fiberglass material perfectly combines "light" and "hard". It is not rust in water, and more durable. Every umbrella rib is full of toughness. break! After the artificial violence test, the skeleton of the paper umbrella is obviously more compressive and resistant to deformation than the traditional skeleton. It is also the same as the new one. Plus the upgraded U-shaped bone groove can balance the wind in all directions. This flat umbrella can easily withstand 5 Strong and durable regardless of the wind or rain, the packaging with the theme of national style elements adheres to the ancient style and good wishes. Designers who focus on hand-painted national styles are invited to finalize the packaging diagram after more than ten revisions and upgrades and won the "National Works" Registration certificate "Qingyi's factory has 10 years of umbrella manufacturing experience. There are many old craftsmen in the umbrella industry. The exquisite craftsmanship and the spirit of excellence have been in the factory for 6 years. The reputation of high-quality OEM for strict Japanese brands has long been overseas. The original price of Haiyuan is 199 yuan / the price is only 99 yuan / the limited special offer! Sorry to miss it! Whether for personal use or as a gift, it is more suitable, but click the image below or read the original text to buy! Light Art Series Thumb Umbrella Patented Design Umbrella Rib Stronger Carbon Fiber + Alloy Material

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