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How do hamsters tell the difference between male and female?

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How do hamsters tell the difference between male and female?

It is very difficult to judge the male and female of hamsters in childhood, and it will be simpler in adulthood, but the most important thing is the gender judgment in childhood. After all, no one wants to buy a little princess, a pink cage, pink utensils, and a gentle and cute name. As a result, when he becomes an adult, he turns out to be a giant boy, dangling in front of you with two huge balls... Of course, also I don't want to just want my female hamster to have a litter. The male hamsters who have found a lot of mouse friends fail to be caged together. He Long fights and never stops. It turns out that his hamster is a male, and people are not interested in back. Then how to judge the male and female of the hamster, I will talk about it in detail here, 1. The genitals of the newly born hamster have not yet grown from the sexual organs of the newly born hamster, so it is very rare to see the sexual organs at this time. When the little hamster is almost a month old, it can tell the difference between male and female. Before, the difficulty of peanuts or just long hair would be hell level. However, when the hair starts to grow a little more, if you look back, you can see some eyebrows. The distance between the male hamster's anus and genitals will be longer, and there is a little bit in the middle where the female hamster's anus and genitals are almost next to each other. 2. The difference between the genitals and the nipples of young hamsters is actually very small. It is difficult to see if there is a male-female comparison. At this time, you can judge by looking at the scent glands and nipples, especially the nipples of the female hamster, which will appear earlier. When the baby hamster has not opened its eyes, it just grows a layer of fluff, and the nipple of the mother hamster can be seen. The two rows of nipples in the abdomen are gradually cleaned, which can determine that this must be a female hamster. Male hamsters definitely don't have double-breasted nipples, but in about a month, there will be an obvious scent gland in the middle of the male hamster's abdomen (bear hamsters are at the base of both thighs). If the hamster is found to have scent glands, it can be judged that it is a male hamster. 3. Adult hamsters don't need to explain too much about adult hamsters when they see the dome. The male hamsters are all dome teenagers. How big is it? It can be used as a pillow... well, actually one is used as a pillow and the other is used as a quilt... well, just kidding, it's really okay to be a pillow, it's a bit too much to be a quilt, but it's still okay to throw a pillow . Especially the balls of the golden bear, the size and the degree of fatness are amazing. The male and female hamsters are actually very easy to distinguish. The main reason is that many people bought hamsters before the full moon. At this time, it is really difficult to distinguish male and female, and it would be better if they were bigger.

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