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Why are there fewer and fewer people raising wolf greens? Most of these reasons

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Why are there fewer and fewer people raising wolf greens? Most of these reasons

Langqing was once a very popular dog breed in rural my country, but with the change of time, there are fewer and fewer people raising Langqing. Why is this? In fact, most of them are the following reasons! 1. Langqing heard the name and knew that it was bred from a wolf breed. It not only looks like a wolf, but also has a similar aggressiveness. Once you provoke it, you will welcome its powerful bite. Therefore, the news of wolf green hurting people also happens from time to time, which leads to fewer people raising wolf green. 2. The wolf green was indeed the favorite of many people in the past, but with the invasion of external dog breeds, the breeders ignored the native dogs, so slowly, the purebred wolf green has become less and less. Most of the wolf greens on the market today are donkey-type wolf greens, which not only reduce the workability, but also lower the ornamental value. 3. Langqing is a large dog and a hunting dog, so it has a relatively large amount of exercise and a relatively large living space. But now they basically live in communities and apartments, there is not much space for wolf green sports, and pet owners do not have much free time, which leads to fewer and fewer people raising wolf green. 4. Langqing is a good hand at home and nursing homes, but its obedience is not very good, it is difficult to train, and many pet owners cannot control it, so pet owners with breeding experience are needed to raise it well. If you have a wolf green, you must train well. You can use snacks as a reward during training to increase obedience. 5. Many people keep dogs to accompany them. Dogs that eat less and don’t need to take care of them are their first choice. And wolf green does not need to spend too much time to take care of, but eats too much, many people's economic ability can't keep up. In fact, this can also be solved, pet owners can choose cost-effective dog food for their dogs. Conclusion: Have you seen Wolf Green?


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