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When cats and dogs fight, the dog always falls behind. Why do people see the dog kill the cat?

Time:2023-02-03 12:22:44 author:Zoo Read:589次
When cats and dogs fight, the dog always falls behind. Why do people see the dog kill the cat?

We all know that it is difficult for cats and dogs to coexist. Once they appear together, they will always fight. In the pet owner's impression, when cats and dogs fight, dogs are always at a disadvantage and are bullied by cats every time. But when we were outside, we found that dogs would always kill cats. Why do cats and dogs fight, dogs always fall behind, but we often hear about dogs killing cats? Why do dogs get bullied by cats, and why do dogs kill cats? First of all, we must know that among cats and dogs of the same size, dogs can never bully cats, and cats have absolute boss status. In daily life, only small dogs and underage puppies can be the same size as cats, and the rest are larger than cats, so in most cases, cats can't beat dogs. In front of large dogs such as golden retrievers and huskies, no matter how powerful the cat is, it can scratch the blind dog's eyes at most, and cannot cause fatal damage, but the dog is different. Once you open its big mouth and take a bite, the cat will Back to Meow Star. In addition, there are Chinese pastoral dogs outside. It is used for housekeeping and nursing homes, and it will not be soft-hearted towards cats, and there is no thought of letting cats. However, the pet dog kept at home will look at the owner's face, which will make the cat look at it, especially when the owner prefers cats. So at home, you will see dogs being bullied by cats, but outside, dogs will kill cats. How to avoid cat and dog fights in a family with both cats and dogs? ①Cats and dogs need separate space Cats and dogs are animals with a strong sense of territory, so pet owners must separate space for dogs and cats to avoid duplication of territories. And although cats and dogs are separated from their territories, they still feel each other's presence in the same home, and they can gradually begin to understand each other. ②Let the cats and dogs interact by themselves After the cats and dogs get used to each other's existence, the pet owner can let them interact, and the pet owner can prepare some snacks and toys for them, and then play with them. Make them feel that the presence of each other will bring a delicious and playful experience and enhance each other's feelings. ③ Feeding separate cats and dogs attaches great importance to food, and cats and dogs have different nutrients in food, so when feeding them, the pet owner must separate them, and do not feed them together. And cats are best fed cat food, and dogs are best fed dog food, after all, these are scientifically configured according to their nutritional needs. ④ Timely adjust the relationship between cats and dogs During the period of contact between cats and dogs, if there is a discordant situation, the pet owner must not turn a blind eye. At this time, they should intervene, separate the cats and dogs in time, and let them go back to calm down. Conclusion: Does your cat often bully the dog?


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