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There was a tragic dog barking in the yard. After checking the situation, the owner was speechless: Who made you so greedy?

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There was a tragic dog barking in the yard. After checking the situation, the owner was speechless: Who made you so greedy?

Have you ever been bitten by turtles, turtles, etc.? Even though their heads are so small and they have no teeth, once they are bitten by them, it is extremely painful, and more importantly, it is difficult for them to let go. Like the dog in the story below, the tongue was bitten by a turtle, and it is estimated that there is a shadow in his heart. There was a tragic dog barking, "angangang~" There was a heart-piercing dog barking in the yard. As soon as I heard that voice, it was the pony dog ​​that the young man had just raised. The guy is confused: the dog is well leashed in the yard, why does it bark? So he hurried over to check the situation. When he rushed to the yard, after seeing the scene in front of him, he didn't know what to say: Who made you so greedy? Originally, the pony dog, which did not violate the river water, actually got involved with the turtle that was raised. Needless to say, the dog must be naughty and provoke the turtle. I saw that the dog's tongue was tightly bitten by the turtle. The more the dog pulled the tongue out, the tighter the turtle's bite, and the severe pain made the dog scream incessantly. Damn, veterinarian Xiao Ming can feel the dog's pain through the screen, too bad! Arrived in time and successfully rescued the dog. Seeing that the dog's tongue was about to be bitten by a turtle, the guy hurried to rescue. He stepped on the turtle's head and wanted it to let go, but the turtle was also very stubborn, no matter what. Do not let go. He had no choice but to bring an iron rod. He heard that hitting the turtle's neck with an iron rod could loosen it, so he tried it. After several taps, they finally managed to separate them. The guy who was distressed by the horse dog hurriedly checked the dog's tongue. "Let's see if you dare next time!" Facing the frightened dog, the boy couldn't bear to blame too much, after all, it was also a victim. The veterinarian Xiao Ming thought about it, and it is estimated that after being bitten by the turtle this time, the dog will no longer dare to approach this kind of animal. After the turtle that caused the accident was braised and the guy shared the video of the dog being bitten by a turtle on the Internet, many netizens joked that the price of a dog kissing a turtle is a bit high. There are also netizens who feel distressed about the puppy and ask if the "causing accident" turtle has a law on the spot? Turtle: What did I do wrong? It was the dog who made the first move. The guy said that the soft-shelled turtle has been braised, and it has to be "responsible" for its behavior. Hahahaha, why does veterinarian Xiao Ming think the turtle is a little innocent? It was obviously the dog who provoked it, but in the end it was punished. Damn, who calls a dog cuter than it? Message: Many times, pets will encounter various dangers because of curiosity. For example, a few days ago, a dog accidentally ate the owner's gold necklace and had to be sent to the hospital. For example, they ate some human food because of gluttony, which would actually affect the pet's health. Therefore, when we are owners, we should be optimistic about pets and try our best to prevent them from doing some dangerous things. Pets are not sensible, and we shit shoveling officers can't let them mess around. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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