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The woman was quarantined and left Erha at home alone. After checking the monitoring, her blood pressure increased: she will never go home again

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The woman was quarantined and left Erha at home alone. After checking the monitoring, her blood pressure increased: she will never go home again

As the saying goes: One ha tops three tigers, five ha fights God, one hundred ha destroys the galaxy, and one thousand ha is the first in the universe. Indeed, the husky's combat effectiveness has always been strong for all to see, and a good home can be dismantled for you with almost no effort. For example, Erha in the following story, who just lived in a new house for 2 months is a piece of cake in his eyes. The story of the woman being isolated and leaving Erha alone to look after the house happened in Xinjiang. In mid-to-late August, a new round of epidemics began in Urumqi, where the woman was located, and she was also forced to go into quarantine. Before the quarantine, the most worrying thing about her was the 3-month-old Erha named "Arthur" at home. First, she was afraid that it would tear down the house. Second, she was afraid that she would not take care of her when she was away. Be kind to yourself. For the above two considerations, she put all the cabinets, sofas and other removable furniture in one room. As for Er Ha, she was locked in the living room, and she also prepared enough dog food and water for the dog. Thinking about this, it should be almost the same, after all, a 3-month-old dog should not be able to turn the sky. Before taking her away, the woman repeatedly told Erha to stay at home and wait for her to come back. The marriage house that she lived in for 2 months was demolished, and the woman was isolated in a rough room, and the situation at home was observed through surveillance every day. At first, Erha was quite normal. The range of activities was always in the living room. Although there was trouble, it was nothing more than its food bowl and water bowl that were knocked over. The problem was not too big. But the further back, the more the woman collapsed when she watched the surveillance. She originally thought that it would be fine no matter how the living room was dismantled, but to her surprise, Erha would actually open the door. During the time when the woman was isolated, Erha opened all the doors and demolished every room. The woman was so anxious that the woman on the other side of the monitor called it to stop it, but the dog couldn't hear it at all. I only lived in the wedding room for 2 months, all the furniture was newly bought, it was all money, all the women were broken, and if I didn't go back, my home would be gone. Husband's comfort: as long as the dog is still there, the woman is still in isolation. It has been more than 20 days, and now there is nothing to dismantle at home. And her mentality has gradually calmed down, in other words, it's "rotten", anyway, that's what happened. And when she complained to her husband that "the home is gone", her husband comforted her that she could buy more furniture if it was gone, as long as the dog was still alive, she was right when she thought about it. Now Arthur has gained a bunch of fans because of the demolition of the house. Now every day, netizens ask women to update the video of Erha's demolition online. Hahaha, it really answers the sentence: Erha is still interesting to watch others raise. Damn, the moment veterinarian Xiao Ming saw the video, his mentality collapsed. The whole house was in a mess, and he felt like he had to redecorate it and replace it with his own dog. Message: Let's just say that Erha's ability to dismantle a house is not acceptable to ordinary people, so let's not think that raising Erha is fun, and then try it yourself, but you must not try it. If you are not mentally strong enough, and you have mines at home, you should be honest and keep some ordinary dogs. Otherwise, raising Erha out of curiosity is not good for people and not good for dogs. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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