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The orange cat is not satisfied with cat bars, but also falls in love with melon seeds: worthy of being a natural foodie

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The orange cat is not satisfied with cat bars, but also falls in love with melon seeds: worthy of being a natural foodie

As the saying goes: out of ten orange cats, nine are fat, and one is an elephant. It is a well-known fact that orange cats can eat. Anyone with a little orange on their body will be greedy, so it's no wonder that they were chosen as the Primordial Devourer! The little sister below has such a cat at home, named Pei Ge. Like other orange cats, this cat is also a full-fledged foodie. In less than half a year, it has eaten itself from a small milk cat to a strong big cat. If this trend continues, it will become a fat orange constellation just around the corner. When the cat behaves well, the lady will reward it with a cat stick. As soon as it saw the delicious food, its eyes changed, and it couldn't wait to step forward and hold the owner's hand and lick the cat's strip, not reserved at all. After eating, the cat feels that it is not enough, so it will directly four paws and use all its strength to back away, grabbing the entire cat bar from the lady's hand. Seeing how the cat took the cat strip to another place to enjoy it, the young lady couldn't help but sigh: Peggy is still amazing! Gradually, cats are no longer satisfied with ordinary cat food and cat treats. Every time the young lady eats melon seeds, it will run to the side and stare. After several repetitions, the young lady suddenly thought: Does this cat want to eat melon seeds? With the mentality of trying it out, the little sister peeled a melon seed for it, and the cat quickly ate it. Seeing that the cat really likes to eat this, the young lady will give the cat a bunch of melon seeds when eating melon seeds from now on. One day, when the little sister peeled the melon seeds for the cat, the cat suddenly started to eat the melon seeds in its mouth: it could actually eat the melon seeds by itself! The little sister thought it was very interesting, so she no longer peeled melon seeds for the cat, but handed the unpeeled melon seeds one by one to the cat's mouth. Although it takes about 3 to eat 1 melon seeds, but at least the cats are self-reliant, and they are very delicious. Later, when netizens saw the video of the cat eating melon seeds, everyone praised the cat as cute and capable. Some people made fun of the orange cat's coat, saying that, after eating too many melon seeds, they got angry, and they looked at the sallow face of other cats. I didn't expect that the mischievous food cat at home would be so popular with everyone, which made the young lady very happy. She read the comments to the cat that everyone praised it, and the prudent Tachibana just flicked her tail. Maybe in its heart, except for the sound of cooking, everything else is noise! Veterinarian Xiao Ming wants to say that although cats are cute when they eat melon seeds, it is actually not recommended for cats to eat too many melon seeds. On the one hand, melon seeds are easy to cause indigestion; on the other hand, the melon seeds on the market are fried with seasonings, and eating too much can easily damage the liver and kidney function of cats. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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