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"Chuandong Hound" - the king of hounds, the real pride of domestic production

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"Chuandong Hound" - the king of hounds, the real pride of domestic production

A hunting dog is a dog that has been trained to help people hunt. Speaking of hounds, you may think of foreign greyhounds, pit bulls, Afghan hounds, etc., but in fact our Chinese Sichuan East hounds are also among the top hounds in the world. It has a very strong hunting ability and is known as the "king of hunting dogs", which is the real pride of domestic production. The life experience of the East Sichuan Hound: It was recorded in the Han Dynasty, but it was only protected in the 1970s. It is a rare dog breed in the world. Now it only exists in the eastern part of Sichuan, my country. "The Water Dog". The charm of the East Sichuan Hound:

Doing dog breed

①Strong hunting ability Although the East Sichuan Hound is not big, it has strong muscles and is brave It is powerful, aggressive, and witty, so it has a strong hunting ability, so people often choose to take it out to hunt, and they are basically rewarded. ②It is not only excellent in hunting ability, but also in guarding ability should not be underestimated. Its innate vigilance and strong territorial awareness have made a great contribution to the fact that it has become the leader of the housekeeping and nursing home. And it is said that in ancient times, it was used to guard the gates of the palace nobles, and it also played the role of town house, so if you raised it, you would not have to worry about thieves in your home.

High loyalty

Although the East Sichuan Hound is fierce and belongs to the Chinese bulldog, its obedience is very high , is even more determined to the master, docile and obedient, and has a very high loyalty. He only recognizes one master in his life, never betrays the master, and can share joys and sorrows.

Fast response

The Sichuan East Hound has a relatively high IQ and has a very fast response. In addition, it has a high Obedient, it can cooperate well with the pet owner, so it is very well trained. If you want to do socialization training or skill training, it is a piece of cake. Of course, if you can train with snacks, the effect will be faster and more obvious.

Strong physical fitness

It often participates in hunting work with its owner. It is physically strong, and has super endurance and adaptability. Mainly due to its strong physical fitness. It has a good physique and can survive even in very harsh environments, and it is super worry-free for the owner to raise. But it does not mean that it has strong physical fitness and can be fed at will. If the body's nutritional intake is insufficient for a long time, its resistance will also decline and its physique will deteriorate. Therefore, it is best to meet its daily nutritional needs, and it is recommended to choose a nutritionally complete and balanced dog food as the staple food. Conclusion: Have you ever learned about the Chuandong Hound?


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