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Why are "ear" dogs so popular? Maybe this is the reason

Time:2022-11-29 18:17:46 author:Fish Read:838次
Why are "ear" dogs so popular? Maybe this is the reason

I recently saw a video for a Doberman Pinscher with erect ears. I thought it was because many people prefer dogs with erect ears when choosing a dog. Why are standing-eared dogs more popular? The reason may be these points, let's take a look!

Spirit and handsome

Dogs with standing ears are more flattering, presumably because they are cute It shows handsomeness in the middle, and it is playful in the domineering. If it is a standing-eared dog with strong muscles and smooth lines, there will even be a kind of heroic feeling, which makes people call him big!

Agile vigilance

A dog with erect ears is more alert than a dog with lop ears Dogs are stronger and more responsive, and their ears are erected, which is more conducive to collecting information around them. Once there is any trouble, it can respond immediately.

clean ears

Relatively speaking, dogs with erect ears will have cleaner ears because it is relatively Ventilated and easy to clean. And if it is a drooping ear, it will be less easy to ventilate, and it is easy to produce a lot of bacteria. The pet owner needs to clean it frequently and keep it dry.

Smart and smart

Dogs with erect ears will also look smarter and smarter, according to many pet owners Said that dogs with erect ears seem to be able to understand the owner's instructions better, so if they train more and learn more small skills, they will definitely be smarter. It can also be trained with snacks, the dog will be more motivated and can learn faster.

Better physical condition

Generally speaking, dogs are in better physical condition if their ears stand up. , Because the inability to stand up is usually due to genetic defects or lack of nutrients. Such a good physique dog has a particularly strong adaptability. Basically, it can eat whatever the owner gives it. However, it is still recommended to choose scientifically matched and nutritionally balanced dog food to feed, which is more conducive to its health. A final word: If your dog is born with lop ears, it is also very cute to let it go, because whether the dog has erect ears or not, it is everyone's cute baby.


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