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The girl returned to the city and insisted on bringing the chicken home, but Bao Ma refused and explained: Forgot to make nucleic acid for the chicken

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The girl returned to the city and insisted on bringing the chicken home, but Bao Ma refused and explained: Forgot to make nucleic acid for the chicken

Children are pure and kind, so many times, their love for pets is more pure. They are not like adult shit shoveling officers who will weigh the pros and cons of raising pets. In their world, taking care of, protecting pets and keeping them alive is the most important thing. Like the girl in the story below, in her eyes, it is her responsibility to protect the cock. The girl is holding a cock to take home. The story takes place in Jilin. During the Mid-Autumn Festival a few days ago, Bao Mama drove her daughter back to her hometown for the festival. Because the girl is young, the things in the countryside are very novel, even the domestic chickens are cute. One of the roosters successfully caught the girl's attention. That chicken is not seen by other chickens and is always bullied, so it has been huddled in the corner and not afraid to move. After the girl discovered this phenomenon, she began to protect the rooster. During the two days the girl was in the country, the rooster was living a normal life. Soon, Bao's mother was going back to the city with her daughter, but the girl couldn't worry about the rooster. She was afraid that after she left, the rooster would be attacked by the chickens again. So she discussed with her grandmother that she wanted to bring the rooster back to the city and keep it as a pet. Seeing that the girl was so kind, my grandmother agreed to her request. The girl's uncle quietly took the chicken out of the car and before leaving the car, the girl held the rooster and said goodbye to her relatives one by one. But Bao Ma refused. First, it is not easy to raise chickens in the city, and secondly, it must be a mess in the car with chickens, so the girl will not be allowed to bring the rooster home. But the girl is very stubborn, holding the cock tightly and not letting go, it is useless to let anyone persuade. Later, the girl's uncle quietly took the chicken back from the trunk when she was not paying attention, and then the car started. "The chicken has not been made nucleic acid and cannot be brought back." Along the way, the girl was paying attention to the cock and kept asking her mother how the cock was in the trunk. And Bao Ma couldn't bear to deceive her daughter again, and at the same time she couldn't hide it, so she told her that her uncle took the chicken away. After hearing her mother's words, the girl couldn't help crying. She felt that the cock was going to be bullied again. Bao Mom persuaded her for a long time to no avail, her eyes were full of tears, which made people feel distressed. Seeing her daughter so sad, Mom can only think of a way. Thinking that my daughter usually knows some things related to the epidemic, I told her that I forgot to make nucleic acid for the big rooster, so I couldn't bring it into the city. After listening to her mother's explanation, the girl stopped crying and felt that what her mother said made sense. After watching the video uploaded by Bao Ma, netizens joked that the rooster's hukou transfer to the city failed. However, some netizens also feel that it is not good to deceive children in this way. The veterinarian Xiao Ming felt that it was okay to lie like this occasionally. Only a child so innocent would believe such a simple lie. Message: Children raising pets are different from adults. They treat pets as playmates and friends. In the hearts of children, pets are pure life, I hope they can also live well. However, Xiao Ming, the veterinarian, also reminds the shoveling officers that when choosing pets for children, try to choose some non-aggressive pets. Avoid accidental injury when children play with pets. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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