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Miss and sister went out in the middle of the night to eat scallops and met a stray cat. After seeing it clearly: the walking renminbi

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Miss and sister went out in the middle of the night to eat scallops and met a stray cat. After seeing it clearly: the walking renminbi

Below many videos of picking up cats, there are a lot of comments like this: "Why can't I pick up cats?" "When can we do such a good thing?" In fact, veterinarian Xiao Ming wanted to say that picking up cats is completely a matter of Luck is something that can be met but not sought. If you have good intentions and really like cats, one day, some cats will find you. The shit shoveling officer in the following story had a lot of luck and found a "walking RMB". Wow, how come there's only a little cutie? The story takes place in Beijing. At around twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, the young lady was hungry, and she kept craving the roasted scallops on the barbecue stall in her mind, so after struggling for a while, she took her boyfriend out for food. As soon as I got out of the gate of the community, I saw a stray cat lying under a cart, and the young lady's eyes suddenly lit up: wow, why is there a cute one? What surprised her even more was that when she got close to the cat, she found that it turned out to be the legendary "walking RMB": the leopard cat. At that time, I couldn't think about it too much, because I was worried about the cat, and I was afraid that it would be pressed when the truck was loading and unloading, so the young lady hurriedly asked her boyfriend to go home and fetch the air box, and planned to take it back first. Lost or abandoned? Probably affected by the new environment, the cat seemed a little scared after returning home, and did not dare to come out after hiding in the air box. At this time, the young lady has time to think about its origin: is it lost or abandoned? It doesn't look like it was abandoned due to illness? After sending the cat to the hospital for examination the next day, the young lady roughly inferred that it should have slipped out of the door accidentally and got lost. After inspection, it was found that there was no infectious disease on the cat, but due to wandering, it suffered from ear mites and mild skin diseases. Considering that its owner should be looking for it in a hurry, the young lady also posted a lot of notices near her home, and wanted to send it back to its original home. But several days passed, and no one found him. The little sister decided to adopt it. These days after taking in the cat, the little sister also gradually felt that the cat has a very good personality. Although it is a male cat, its voice is slightly "clamped", which is very cute. Since no one has come to claim it, I'll adopt it myself. It just so happens that there is a cat at home, and they can still be companions for each other. When naming the cat, she also gave it the name "Taopi" without hesitation. If she hadn't wanted to eat roasted oyster skin that night, she might not have come across it! The veterinarian Xiao Ming felt that Miss Sister's ability to pick up a leopard cat was inseparable from her kindness and luck. If she doesn't like cats, how can she notice it? Therefore, good luck is generally not too bad. Those netizens in front of the screen, if you usually help stray animals a lot, I believe that one day, you will also be able to pick up your own exclusive cat. Message: There are actually many tragedies behind "picking up cats". First of all, when someone loses the cat, we have the opportunity to pick up the cat. And not all cats find a good owner after they are lost. Therefore, I hope that the shit shoveling officers can take good care of their cats, especially when they are in heat, they should pay more attention, and don't let them get lost. For us, it may be a cat lost, but for a cat, once it is lost, the cat may be over. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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