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The man helped the lost puppy go home, and when he found it, the puppy "made a bow" and thanked him: smart and polite

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The man helped the lost puppy go home, and when he found it, the puppy "made a bow" and thanked him: smart and polite

Many people despise dogs and think they are just animals. But sometimes, you have to admit that dogs are smart and sensible, very human, and even more reliable than some people. Like the dog in the story below, he knows how to "reward with gratitude", and at first glance, he is a good dog. Do you want to take the elevator too? This day, when the man came home from get off work and took the elevator upstairs, he met a dog outside the elevator. It looked at the group of people entering the elevator, eager to try. So he guessed that the dog was probably a dog raised by a neighbor in this building. Although I really wanted to follow the crowd to the elevator, I didn't know which floor was my home, so I kept wandering around the elevator entrance. I don't know why, but it chose a man among a bunch of people, followed it from front to back, and stared at him with big eyes from time to time, as if begging the man to send it home. The man was not idle, but seeing the dog's spiritual appearance, he couldn't bear to refuse, so he let him enter the elevator with him and help him find a home layer by layer. Zuo Yi thanked the dog for being smart. Every time the elevator stopped on the first floor, he would stick his head out and look at the elevator entrance to see if the resident in the corridor was his home. When it retracted its head again, the man ruled out the floor. In this way, in order to help the dog find a home, the man also opened the door layer by layer and gave it enough time to confirm. Finally, when the elevator stopped on the floor of a certain household, the dog ran out, and the man also understood that it was the dog who found a home. In order to make sure the dog got home safely, the man also followed him out. Sure enough, the dog stopped at the door of a house, kept wagging its tail, and was so happy that it took off. Then, it made a move that surprised the man. It actually stood up and bowed to the man: "Thank you. you take me home." Seeing the dog thanking him like this, the man's heart was also warm. He didn't waste his time helping him find a home. Then he knocked on the door of the neighbor's house and sent the dog in. It was learned that the dog was taken out to play mahjong by the owner. It is estimated that he was hungry, so he found it by himself. And it took the elevator because it was too lazy to climb the stairs. The man also said that this dog is smart and polite. Although it is very troublesome to help him find a home, he will still help him find a home even if he does it again. Some netizens saw this dog who only bowed to people, and said that it was too polite and better than some people. The veterinarian Xiao Ming also felt that this dog repairing is too spiritual. He will ask people to help him find a home, and he will express his gratitude when he is done, which is really smart. Message: Although dogs are just animals, they are very important to people in many cases. Sometimes it's a friend, sometimes it's a family. They know how to repay their gratitude. As long as they identify a master, they will never change. In terms of loyalty, no animal can compare to it. Therefore, I hope that the shit shoveling officers who keep dogs can cherish the fur children. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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