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The little milk dog got into the study to hide from the rain, and stepped on the sticky mouse board, and finally liked to improve the silk shape

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The little milk dog got into the study to hide from the rain, and stepped on the sticky mouse board, and finally liked to improve the silk shape

Healthy young puppies are generally very lively, they are very curious, they often run around, and therefore always make some jokes accidentally. In Dali, Yunnan, in order to prevent the things in the study from being bitten by mice, a young lady put a sticky mouse board at the bottom of a cabinet in the study. In the early morning of this day, it was pouring rain outside. While half asleep, Miss Sister suddenly heard a strange sound of "zizizi" coming from the study, as if some small animal was calling. Finally caught a big mouse! The little sister thought so, and then excitedly ran to the study, trying to clean up the mice quickly, but she opened the door and saw that it was not a mouse, but a little milk dog! It turned out that the dog mother at Miss Sister's house gave birth to 7 puppies a while ago. In order to prevent the dogs from damaging the things in the study, Miss Sister's family usually does not let them into the study. However, it was raining that day, causing the naughty little dogs to run around looking for a place to hide from the rain. One of them broke into the study by accident, and unfortunately stepped on the sticky mouse board. When the little sister found it, the dog's whole body lay flat on the sticky mouse board and couldn't move. He could only stare at the little sister with teary eyes, and his mouth and body were still shaking. Seeing the puppy's pitiful appearance, the young lady was also very distressed and wanted to tear the sticky mouse board off the puppy. But once it was torn hard, the small piece of fur would be pulled out by the glue, which looked even more painful. There was really no other way, the little sister could only pick up the sticky mouse board and shake it gently, and the little milk dog finally fell down by gravity. But although it got off the sticky mouse board, the dog couldn't get rid of the glue on its body, and it stuck wherever it went, like a silk-drawn banana. The little sister was worried that the dog would be dangerous in this way, but she didn't know how to remove the glue for a while, so she found a roll of paper and wrapped it around the place where there was glue on the dog. The dog with half of his body wrapped in tissue paper stood in front of the study door with a look of grievance, as if thinking about his young dog. Finally the next day, the young lady sent the dog who was still shivering with anger to the pet shop. At the pet store, the dog was shaved bald except for a hair on the top of the head. Worrying about the psychological shadow of the dog going home with this image, the lady finally decided to leave it in the pet store for a few days. Although the puppy is still bald, the rescue operation has come to an end anyway. I hope this puppy can learn his lesson and don't rush around in the future! In life, if a pet accidentally sticks to the mouse stick, depending on the situation, you can use scissors to cut off the stuck hair, or use oil and flour to scrub the glue. It should be noted that do not tear the sticky mouse board with force, otherwise it may cause secondary damage to the pet while scaring the pet. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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