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If you don't keep a Labrador, you won't understand these 7 sad things

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If you don't keep a Labrador, you won't understand these 7 sad things

Labrador Retriever is recognized as one of the non-aggressive dogs, docile, obedient, and praised by many people. But is "pulling a pig" really that perfect? Do not! In fact, if you don't keep a Labrador, you will never understand these 7 sad things! 01 Loyal lovers of quagmire Labrador Retrievers can be regarded as loyal lovers of quagmire. Every time they go out and see a quagmire, they are like a wild horse that has taken off the reins. And the pet owner looked at Lala playing happily inside, and could only hold his forehead sadly, well, this dog doesn't want so much anymore! 02 Its tail is super painful to hit people. I believe that the pet owner who has raised a Labrador has probably been kicked by Lala's big tail. Its tail is its "big weapon". When it hits it with its tail, it is like being slapped in the face by a thick whip, but it really hurts. So a friendly reminder, don't stand behind it when it's excited! 03 Very friendly, good with everyone. The Labrador has a very gentle and friendly personality, very enthusiastic and easy-going, and is good to everyone. If you say hello to it and want to play with it, it will be able to get along , I really doubt that it has n "good masters" in its heart. 04 Enthusiasm is like a "hungry wolf". The enthusiasm of the Labrador is actually no worse than that of the golden retriever. One of the things about raising it is that it does not know its own weight. Seeing that the owner is too excited, he can't help but want to pounce on it. , and stick to the owner, but the owner will be a little bit unable to bear the enthusiasm of being thrown to the ground, and he has to accept the "saliva baptism" of his love, both happy and sad! 05 When I was a child, I was a troublemaker. It matured too late, so raising Lala was like raising a child who didn't grow up. She was a little "heartless" child. She liked to use the home as her playground. Exuberant energy, like a trick-or-treating machine that won't lose power, will continue to destroy you. If you don't train it well, it may give you a lung explosion one day. If you want to train it well, you must master the correct method, improve its obedience, and train it with snacks, and its motivation will be higher. 06 The hidden and low-key shedding monster Labrador is a short-haired dog, but that doesn't mean it doesn't shed. It is actually a hidden and low-key hair loss monster, because its hair is difficult to clean, and it can always be well hidden on your ground, clothes, and even shoes, so pet owners can only follow sadly It's constantly brushing the hair behind it! 07 Eat more and pull more Labrador's name of "pulling pig" is definitely worthy of the name. Once faced with food, it will automatically start the food mode, and it will be sucked in by a storm like a bottomless pit, and it is very Hard to feel full! Therefore, all the pet owners who raise it are not only amazed by its appetite, but also distressed for their wallets. Therefore, to raise Lala, it is recommended to choose a cost-effective dog food for it, which can satisfy its appetite and save money. Conclusion: What other sad things do you know about raising a Labrador?


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