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When the dog "rubs" you, it is actually implying these

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When the dog "rubs" you, it is actually implying these

Anyone who has raised a dog knows that the dog often likes to rub against its owner. In fact, it has something to say. Have you received any hints from it?

Do not go out to hook up with other dogs

Dogs are quite possessive, and they will often rub against their owners just to leave their scent on Dogs outside all know that you have an owner. You are not allowed to go out and carry it like other dogs

You said you want to go out to play

/h1>Some dogs are very clever. Once the owner agrees to it or goes out to play at this time every day, it will be like an alarm clock and will come to the owner on time to rub you, indicating that you are going out< h1 class="pgc-h-center-line">Help me catch the bugs on my body

If the dog is itchy or has bug bites, it will rub it everywhere, not only on the owner's floor, wall, table It will become a tool for it to scratch it, so if you see that the dog has been wanting to seek help for scratching, you should deworm the dog in time to prevent the dog from being infected by parasites

Today's petting task has not yet been completed

Some dogs are very family-friendly and like to be petted by their owners, and if the owner does not touch them, they will take the initiative to come up and rub each other around the owner. The actions are all hinting: touch it quickly and let it complete the achievement that was touched today

Can't you see my little cutie

There are some sticky dogs The dog wants to be the master's little follower all the time, and if the master is too busy to pay attention to it, it will rub the master to get attention and even hum pitifully as if to say: can't see yet. Me? Do you not love me anymore? If the pet owner really doesn’t have time, he can prepare some food-missing toys for the dog. Put the treats inside and let the dog play to relieve his boredom and make him feel better. Snacks are recommended. Goat cheese", preferably fermented from pasture fresh goat milk, with added vitamins and other nutrients, healthy and delicious, green and delicious

Give me something to eat

And some dogs The dog is just a clever little dog when it sees the pet owner eating, it will run to the owner while rubbing the owner and acting coquettishly. Under the double cute attack, the pet owner can only disarm and surrender to satisfy its appetite, but be careful. If dogs often eat greasy and salty food, they will be prone to hair loss and tear marks, so it is recommended not to give dogs human food often, it is better to give them light and nutritious dog food to better care for their healthy growth "Do not get greasy dog ​​food", using low-oil and low-salt formula with light and nutritious raw materials such as duck meat, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, promoting hair growth, and adding herbal formulas such as psyllium to clear heat and reduce fire, and manage the problem of tears. Conclusion: Your dog is normal What do you mean by rubbing you?

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