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Dogs that can't be sold in pet stores, where do they go?

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Dogs that can't be sold in pet stores, where do they go?

Although many people are raising dogs now, more and more pet stores are opening, and there are many dogs in the store. Can they really be sold? If not, where do the dogs that can't be sold end up? ①It was given away. If some pet shops are more responsible, they will give it to relatives and friends, or find a kind person to adopt. This is an ideal way to help dogs find owners and make them want to raise dogs. People own dogs. ② The dog that became a "working dog" has been unable to sell, and has been eating and drinking in the store. It has already lost money, so the dog will go to the dog cafe to make money and "work" to make up for the shortfall. After all, there are many people who like dogs, and they will want to play with dogs for consumption. ③ Euthanasia Some dogs may not get the treatment of working, if they can't be sold for a long time, they will continue to pay the cost of feeding, and they will cost a lot of money when they get sick, and they will be euthanized, which is cruel. ④Abandoned For dogs that cannot be sold or given away, pet stores will abandon them directly in order not to lose more money, leaving them to their fate. Those who are lucky will become stray dogs, or they will be abandoned. When people pick it up and take it home, unfortunately, they will die. Therefore, many dog ​​owners are now advocating "adoptation instead of purchase". If you want to raise a dog, you can go to some pet rescue stations to adopt it, you don't need a penny to take it home, and you can also help these stray dogs. In this way, the pet store will not continue to open more and more, producing more dogs that cannot be sold, and facing such a tragic end. If you have a newly adopted dog, how should you take care of it? 1) Do a good physical examination. For a newly adopted dog, first take it to the hospital for examination. Secondly, deworming, multi-vaccine, rabies vaccine, etc. must not be left behind, so that dogs and people have certain health. Assure. 2) Prepare daily utensils When a dog arrives at a new home, he must buy some daily necessities, such as cages, food bowls, urine pads, etc. In addition to preparing the necessities of life for the dog, it is also necessary to provide the dog with comfort and quietness environment, so that the dog can rest and adapt well as soon as possible. 3) Training fixed-point defecation When you just start raising a dog, you must do a good job of defecation training, otherwise you may have trouble in the future. You can put a urine pad in a fixed place, and when it is ready to excrete, take it to the correct place to excrete. This must be patient for many times. If it can do it correctly, give it a snack reward in time so that it can remember. firmer. 4) Pay attention to diet The dog has just come to the new environment, it is prone to diarrhea and other uncomfortable reactions, and the stomach is relatively fragile, it is best to eat less and more meals, and you can choose some good digestible dog food to feed it. Conclusion: How did you and your dog meet?


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