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The popular tea ordering in the Song Dynasty once again detonated the Internet

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The popular tea ordering in the Song Dynasty once again detonated the Internet

In the first half of this year, a "Menghualu" set off a wave of people chasing dramas. "Sister Fairy" Liu appeared in a costume drama again in 6 years, and it is still beautiful and moving. This time, the fairy sister went down to earth and became Zhao Paner, the owner of the tea shop. In the play, the city wells, water towns, buildings, and streets of the Song Dynasty are restored. While enjoying the CP, netizens also immersed in the elegant and refined aesthetics of the Song Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, the trend of drinking tea was prevalent, and "Meng Hualu" made a detailed design for "ordering tea", and the technological processes of "rolling tea, hot cups, blowing, and water marks" were all presented one by one. Zhao Paner, the shopkeeper who opened the tea shop, is proficient in tea art, and the story begins with her skillful tea pouring skills. Her performance of Tea Hundred Operas also attracted crowds to watch, and Tea Hundred Operas came from ordering tea. Tea Baixi is a technique of using ground tea as raw material and using water to make tea soup change patterns. It is the ancient version of "pulling flowers in tea". There is painting in tea, and there is tea in painting. Song people engraved the landscape in their hearts in paintings and in tea. Ordering tea was popular in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song and Song Dynasties. People in the Song Dynasty took tea to a new height, making it "the Qing Dynasty in a prosperous age". The aesthetics at that time also pointed to the tea ordering tradition of sipping Yingjuhua. Ordering tea together with burning incense, arranging flowers and hanging paintings was collectively called the "Four Arts of Life" by Song people, which was part of the pursuit of elegant life by literati and scholars at that time. In that era when art was at its peak, Song people brought elegant interpretation to the extreme. The so-called ordering tea refers to a method of brewing tea after grinding the tea to the end, pouring it into a tea cup to adjust the paste, and then pouring it with boiling soup. Song Caixiang's "Tea Records" also records that the tea was ground into fine powder, placed in a tea cup, and poured with boiling water; first pour a small amount of water to adjust the paste, and then pour the tea into the soup, while betting and whisking to make the tea. It is better to produce soup flowers (now called foam) that can reach the side wall of the tea cup without leaving water marks. There are seven soup bottles filled with water for ordering tea, and Huizong of Song also has a subtle discussion on ordering tea in "Daguan Tea Theory". The tea soup gradually forms "sparse stars and bright moon", "pearls and splendors", "light clouds gradually grow", "drenched snow condensed", "milk points are vigorous", and finally "milk mist is turbulent, overflowing with cups", forming a beautiful foam, which is completely exhausted. Show the beauty of tea soup. Natural but beautiful, later generations called it the "seven soup" method of ordering tea. Ordering tea is not only to look good, but also to make the tea better to drink. The tea drink is mainly the foam of the tea soup, which is the essence of the tea. Take a sip and hold it in your mouth, as the bubbles burst, the fragrance of the tea and the freshness of the frankincense will appear. The bursting of the mouth makes people enjoy a "beautiful and dynamic" enjoyment of tea, which is a popular way of eating tea in the Song Dynasty. If we say that the sencha in the Tang Dynasty is more important than the skill, then the tea order in the Song Dynasty is more important than the artistic conception. The brewed tea has rich foam. The whiter, more delicate and lasting the foam, the better the tea and tea art. The white tea foam can obtain the best color viewing effect in the black tea cup, so under the prevalence of the tea fighting culture in the Northern Song Dynasty, the black glazed tea cup is also highly respected and has become an indispensable part of tea ordering and tea fighting. appliance. Shaped like a funnel, it is colorful. Jianzhan also won the nickname of "Porcelain Pearl" for its special shape and glaze. Rabbit hair and heaven gift utensils are packed together, and there are buds in the glass urn. Rabbit's hair is cooked with cloud liquid, which can solve the red face like drunken town. This is a poem written by Zhao Ji, Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty, describing the ordering of tea. The tea set mentioned in the poem, which can be as precious as the luodian gemstone, is the special utensil for ordering tea - the rabbit teapot. A rabbit with a uniform texture and a dim light in the black is built. At a glance, I only feel that the ancient charm is deep, but wherever the light reaches, like the galaxy universe, the walls of the lamp can be seen with the naked eye, and the walls stretch evenly. As Song Huizong said, "The color of the lamp is expensive, green and black, and the jade is the best." "Ruihe Tu" Tea Banquet Song Huizong's Royal Pen Danqing Tea Banquet was selected from Song Huizong's Royal Pen Danqing "Ruihe Tu", the picture revealed that A kind of clear and handsome, meticulous and unrestrained mood. The azure sky full of flying cranes instantly made Yuyu clear, reflecting the holiness and luxury of the white cranes. The group of cranes in the painting are in a variety of postures, and there is no one who is the same. The cranes are written in pink and ink, and their eyes are dotted with raw lacquer. Song-style pots The body of the pots in the Song Dynasty became more slender and elongated. This handle pot has done a lot of work in every subtle arc. Under the cover of full glaze, it is elegant and leisurely, quite crystal clear and exquisite, with ice muscles and jade bones. It makes people feel full of snow, showing the simple and beautiful Song-style life aesthetics. In order to make the tea powder and water blend into one, the tea whisk invented a tool made of fine bamboo for stirring. Justice Cup This justice cup has a large capacity of about 300ml, with an eagle-shaped spout, which gathers water in a concentrated manner, makes the water flow smoothly, and the water is cut off neatly. The workmanship is very delicate, with both atmospheric beauty and practicality, and the quaint inner temperament of "containing brilliance in simplicity and elegance in ordinary" emerges spontaneously. When two or three friends get together, order tea and enjoy tea and experience the elegant life of the Song Dynasty


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