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Bring the colors of the world together

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Bring the colors of the world together

The carton is full of colors Beautiful lifeMINERAL The colors of the earth are hidden in this side Part 01/8 Color Box Fluorite: Fluotite Zhejiang Lapis: Lapis lazuli Afghanistan Southern Red Agate: Agate Hebei Lemon Crystal: Citrine Brazil Pink Crystal: Rose crystal Ma Dao red jasper: Red jasper South African Xiuyu: Xiuyan jade Liaoning Dongling jade: Aventurine India tenderly loves color in black and white, pilgrimage in color Black and white - Wang Zengqi Part 02/12 Color Box Fluorite: Fluotite Zhejiang Pink Crystal: Rose crystal Ma Dao lapis: Lapis lazuli Afghanistan South red agate: Agate Hebei spotted stone: Mottled stone Brazil Xiuyu: Xiuyan jade Liaoning red jasper: Red jasper South African white turquoise: Magnesite Zimbabwe Dongling jade: Aventurine Indian obsidian: Obsidian Mexico Sodalite: Sodalite American Lemon Crystal: Citrine Brazil "I can't choose the best is the best choice for me" - Tagore Part 03/20 Color Box Obsidian: Obsidian Mexican Chrysanthemum: Unakite Austrian Obsidian: Red obsidian Mexican sodalite: Sodalite American yellow line stone: Yellow line stone Brazilian red jasper: Red jasper South African lapis: Lapis lazuli Afghanistan red aventurine: Aventurine Indian white turquoise: Magnesite Zimbabwe lemon crystal: Citrine Brazilian southern red agate: Agate Hebei white crystal: Rock crystal Donghai jade: Xiuyan jade Liaoning powder crystal: Rose crystal Ma Dao aventurine: Aventurine Indian purple mica: Purple mica Brazilian mottled stone: Mottled stone Brazilian fluorite: Fluotite Zhejiang labradorite: Labradorite Ma Dao Ammonite: Amazonite America because you are the green in our barren wilderness, the blue in our dark air - Sernoda Part 04/30 Color Box Obsidian: Obsidian Mexican Chlorite: Unakite Austrian White Turquoise: Magnesite Zimbabwe Lepidolite : Lepidolite Brazil Aventurine: Aventurine Indian Mottled Stone: Mottled stone Brazil Fluorite: Fluotite Zhejiang Sodalite: Sodalite American Lemon Crystal: Citrine Bar West pink crystal: Rose crystal Falkland obsidian: Red obsidian Mexico Afghanistan jade: Afghan jade Afghanistan Huang Dongling jade: Yellow aventurine India Xiuyu: Xiuyan jade Liaoning red jasper: Red jasper South Africa lapis: Lapis lazuli Afghanistan white crystal: Rock crystal East China Sea Qinghai Jade: Qinghai Jade Qinghai Labradorite: Labradorite Ma Dao South Red Agate: Agate Hebei Fluorite: Fluotite Zhejiang Yellow Line Stone: Yellow Line Stone Brazil Blue Line Stone: Dumortierite Brazil Tiger Eye Stone: Tiger Eye Stone South African Red Grass Flower Stone : Grass flower stone Guangxi red and green treasure: Epidote Brazilian amethyst: Amethyst Uruguay amazonite: Amazonite American white gypsum: White Plaster Guizhou moss agate: Moss agate Ma Dao flowers are still brilliant in those colorful days - Cao Yun NATURAL Naturally, when it comes to collecting ores, it is probably a feeling of wanting to collect. From spring to winter, the seasons change, the times change, and the sea is changing. Minerals are the foundation of the earth, and they are also the "life" nurtured by the earth. Each ore has its own unique color, texture and shape, just like there are no two identical leaves in the world, and the same is true for ore, which creates the uniqueness of minerals. What you have is unique. This carton ore set adopts a simple, safe and firm packaging method, which not only saves the packaging cost, but also ensures that the minerals will not be damaged even in the face of violent handling during transportation. The simplification of the cost is to control the lower selling price, so that every friend who likes minerals can easily have it. We are committed to allowing everyone to have real ores. All ores are natural fidelity, non-toxic and non-radiation. If you have any concerns, you can contact customer service to issue a mineral testing certificate after placing an order. The specific process is as follows:
  • Place an order first, buy the required suits
  • Contact customer service to pay the inspection fee, one certificate for one item, 50 yuan for one certificate.
  • Customer service will contact and arrange to send the corresponding suit to the national inspection agency for testing.
  • The testing time is about 7 days, and the issuance of the certificate is customized, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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