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What unpopular animals are suitable for office workers to keep?

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What unpopular animals are suitable for office workers to keep?

There are really many unpopular animals that are suitable for office workers to keep, and some nocturnal animals or animals that are active in the morning and evening are suitable for office workers to keep. 1. The guinea pig The guinea pig is a small animal that is active in the morning and evening in nature, and is especially suitable for office workers to raise. 1. The guinea pig is an active animal in the morning and evening. The guinea pig usually comes out to forage in the early morning and evening. During the day, they dare not come out, and they cannot come out at night because of their poor eyesight. This fits perfectly with the biological clock of office workers. Feeding, cleaning, and playing with them before going to work in the morning, and feeding, cleaning, and playing with them after get off work in the evening is just fine. It won't be where you sleep when you go to work and after get off work, nor where will he be noisy when you sleep all night when you are tired. 2. Guinea pig cages. You can take it out after get off work every day, and let the guinea pigs move around in a small and stable area before putting it back. If you are too tired after get off work, you can just feed and sleep without having to take it out for a walk if you are half-tired from working all day. 3. The guinea pig is a relative relative of the guinea pig. The guinea pig is a special kind of relative among rodents. Most of the rodents live alone, and a few live in groups and only relative to the same kind. The guinea pig, on the other hand, is a standard social animal and treats humans as companions. And because humans are generally powerful, they automatically think humans are the king of their group (guinea pig king). For the king of their own group, guinea pigs are still respectful and obedient, and the training is better. 4. The space occupied by feeding small guinea pigs is only about one kilogram in adult weight, and its body length is only about 20 centimeters, which is much smaller than cats and dogs. Therefore, the area required to raise guinea pigs is much smaller than that of cats and dogs, which is suitable for office workers with small rooms. 5. The cost of raising guinea pigs is not high. The guinea pigs are herbivores, and their staple food is dry grass, guinea pig grain and a small amount of vegetables and fruits. These prices are not too high, and guinea pigs are not very picky eaters, and they will not refuse food. The daily food intake is much less than that of a dog, and it is similar to that of a cat, so it is still very economical. Enough. You can also buy a pair (same-sex) for better companionship. Second, guinea pigs can still eat, pull, drink and urinate. Although they are far worse than dogs, they are still a lot and need to be cleaned frequently. Still, the smell of herbivore excrement is much less pronounced. Third, half-watching and half-companion animals are not as special as dogs, but among rodents, relatives are the best. Second, the hamster Hamster is also a cute little animal, suitable for office workers to raise. 1. Hamsters are nocturnal animals. Hamsters are standard nocturnal animals. They sleep soundly during the day and come out for activities at night. So you go to work just in time for the hamster to go to sleep, and you get off work just in time for the hamster to just wake up. 2. Hamsters are also caged animals. The hamster is very small, the mini hamster is less than 100 grams, and the bear hamster is only about 200 grams. Therefore, hamsters are kept in cages, and the cages do not need to take up too much space. Mini hamsters, basically 45 basic cages will do, bear hamsters are larger, generally 60 basic cages. 3. The cost of raising is very low. The hamster is too small and can't eat much. Even if it is fed with particularly good imported food, the average daily call fee is about 2-4 yuan. If other cages are raised, one-time consumption benefits, and hamster cages also It's not too expensive, and you can get a full set within 100 yuan. 4. Solitary animals Hamsters are very typical solitary animals. Don't be afraid of their loneliness. Solitary animals are born to live independently. Some people are afraid that if a hamster buys two cages alone, the result may be tragic, one less or half less the next day... 5. There is a certain degree of interaction. Hamsters are relatively independent, so the interaction is definitely not as good as other pets. But there are also some interactive, simple names, simple actions can also be trained. After a good relationship, it is possible to sleep on the master's hand and eat in the master's hands. 6. Feeding is extremely simple. Feed once a day and clean it, and even once every two days when busy. Don't worry about anything else, they will entertain themselves. 7. The disadvantage of hamsters is that they sleep better, and now the biological clock is gradually the same as that of humans, so it is possible that you are still sleeping when you watch them. The second is solitary, do not like to be disturbed, and may bite people if disturbed, so it is better to disturb as little as possible. Third, the smell is a little bit, hamsters are omnivores, so the excrement, especially the urine, has a slightly stronger smell, but Frequent cleaning is fine. 3. Chinchilla Chinchilla is also a small endodontic animal, which is a relatively cold and curious small animal. 1. Chinchillas have a certain interaction. Although Chinchillas are not as relatives as cats and dogs, they are relatively cold, but they also interact. After they are familiar with the breeding, they will also have relatives. Tickling him, shaking hands, etc. will all be enjoyable. Calling his name and doing simple movements can also be trained. 2. Simple chinchilla feeding It is relatively simple to keep chinchillas in cages. You don’t need to come out often to let the wind out. You can feed them once a day or two days. Unlike cats and dogs, especially dogs, who get depressed or go crazy without going for a walk or two a day. 3. The cost of keeping chinchillas is low. The cost of keeping chinchillas is relatively low. The cages are generally cheap one or two hundred yuan, and the expensive one is five or six hundred yuan. As a whole, start raising and investing more and write more, basically 300-900 yuan, and then 40-100 yuan per month is enough. 4. Chinchillas have less excretion and taste. The chinchillas eat less, drink less, and have less excretion relatively speaking. Chinchilla's diet is less than 100 grams a day, and the water is tens of milliliters to more than 100 milliliters depending on the temperature. Moreover, chinchillas are herbivores, so the poop is basically tasteless, and the urine has a small amount of taste, just use litter. 5. The disadvantage of chinchillas is the first. Nocturnal animals like to jump. Although they do not like to bark, the sound of jumping is still there. Second, there is still a lot of hair loss, and there is no hair, very fine and light, and the floating ability is very strong. To put it bluntly, it is easy to fly everywhere. Third, the stomach is relatively poor, and it is best to give less or even no things other than grass, food and water. The above are several common unpopular pets, all of which are suitable to be raised for work. They are all cute and cute. It depends on which one you like.


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