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Unique organ of guinea pig digestive system - round sac

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Unique organ of guinea pig digestive system - round sac

Today, Brother Pig will talk about a unique organ in the digestive system of guinea pigs, which many other herbivores do not have. This organ is the sac, an enlarged area between the ileum and the cecum. This organ is very critical to the digestive system of the guinea pig. Without this organ, the whole digestive system of the guinea pig will collapse, especially the cecal digestive work. The main digestive organ of guinea pigs for crude fiber is the cecum, which contains a large number of microorganisms (good bacteria), which ferment crude fiber in the cecum. The fermentation process breaks down crude fiber into volatile fatty acids that are absorbed by the guinea pig's cecum and proximal colon​. However, because the products of fermentation are volatile fatty acids, this can lead to increased acidity in the cecum, and too high acidity may kill the microorganisms in the cecum. And what we are going to talk about today is the main job of the sac, which is responsible for regulating the acid-base balance in the cecum. The sac is located at the junction of the ileum and cecum and is an enlarged, thick-walled sac​. The round sacs secrete an alkaline fluid that neutralizes excess organic acids in the cecum from microbial fermentation​. This maintains the pH in the cecum, ensures the safety of microorganisms, and creates an environment suitable for the survival and growth of microorganisms. After the neutralization of the alkaline liquid secreted by the round sac, it can ensure the normal work of the cecum to digest the crude fiber. The sac is actually a lymphoid sac, and its role is not limited to the secretion of alkaline​ fluid to neutralize the acid-base balance. The wall of the round sac is very thick, so it also has the effect of squeezing crude fiber and promoting the digestion of crude fiber. The round sac also has some ability to absorb the end products of digestion and is also one of the organs of nutrient absorption. In short, the small sac has many functions, and the effect is also very large. If there is a problem of acid-base imbalance in the intestines and stomach of the guinea pig, it may be a problem with the small sac.


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