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A small dog that is easy to raise and not expensive, many people are raising it

Time:2022-11-27 09:03:48 author:Poultry Read:902次
A small dog that is easy to raise and not expensive, many people are raising it

Nowadays, many people like to keep small dogs, because small dogs eat less, do not need too much living space, and do not need to exercise frequently, so they are suitable for raising in cities. Today, I will introduce several kinds of small dogs that are easy to raise and not expensive. Many people are raising them! 01 Origin of Schnauzer: Germany Price: 2000-5000 Schnauzer, as a terrier dog, has the highest IQ. There is no doubt about its intelligence, and it is very obedient to the owner. The important thing is that the Schnauzer does not lose hair, and the pet owner can Save a lot of cleaning time. In addition, it can also watch the home and nurse the hospital, which is really a very good dog. 02 Origin of Shih Tzu: China Price: 1200-8000 Shih Tzu is a kind of watch dog, it can be seen that it has a good appearance, and this dog is very obedient and obedient, and its eating habits are also very good. Hair loss, so many people like to keep it. 03 Origin of Pug: China Price: 800-1500 Pug is also a kind of dog in our country, and there are many people who raise it. It's really nice to be able to accompany the kids. 04 Origin of butterfly dog: France Price: 1200-5000 The appearance of the butterfly dog ​​is also very good-looking, and even if the hair is relatively long, there is little body odor. , is also a very worry-free dog. 05 Birthplace of Pomeranian: Germany Price: 1500-3000 There are really many people who raise Pomeranian. This kind of dog is really sweet and has a lively and outgoing personality. like. But this kind of dog likes to bark, and the pet is mainly trained from an early age, and it is better to match it with snacks. 06 Birthplace of Bichon Frise: Mediterranean Price: 800-1800 (variety and purity determine the price) As a walking marshmallow, Bichon Frise is also a dream dog in many people's hearts. To accompany the master, and to eat less and not lose hair, it is really good to raise. Conclusion: Which one are you raising?


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