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A wild yak in Qinghai mixed with domestic cattle and attacked the herdsmen, who hid behind the cow dung half a meter in time

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A wild yak in Qinghai mixed with domestic cattle and attacked the herdsmen, who hid behind the cow dung half a meter in time

#HeaderCreationChallenge# Among the bovids, the buffalo is more irritable and aggressive. There is also such a vicious buffalo in China, which is called the most vicious bull demon in China - the wild yak However, the sound of wild yak is very similar to that of pig, so in Qinghai and other places, wild yak will be called "pig-sounding cow". Recently, in the Tuotuohe pastoral area of ​​Tanggula Mountain Town, Golmud, Qinghai, a herdsman encountered a thrilling scene: a wild yak weighing more than 800 kilograms was mixed into the domestic cattle. After seeing the herdsman, the wild yak immediately rushed towards the herdsman angrily at a speed of 100 meters. He would definitely not win a head-to-head confrontation, nor would he be able to run away. What should we do? The collision force of the wild yak is enough to overturn the car, no one can withstand such a collision; the herdsmen are also very resourceful. At this time, they need to "overcome rigidity with softness". They found that there were many cow dung piled up to half a meter high next to them, like big rocks, and immediately squatted down. After the cow dung pile, he walked around the cow dung pile and played a "cat-and-mouse game" with the wild yak, leaving the sight of the wild yak and avoiding this crisis. According to reports, this is the breeding season for wild yak populations, so it is often found that wild yaks break into domestic yak groups, and occasionally yaks attack and hurt people, but because wild yak is a first-class protected wild animal, it is forbidden to Therefore, vehicles and noise are generally used to drive wild cattle, but the herdsmen rarely do this, and the herdsmen also have other plans. 1. The small abacus of wild yak and herdsmen In the wild yak population, the estrus period of wild yak is from September to November every year. At this time, in order to gain the favor of the female yak, the two male yaks will fight each other, and the fight is very fierce. But only the winner can get the female yak, and the loser can only be expelled from the herd. These stray wild yaks, in order to obtain breeding and mating, will break into the domestic yak herd, breed and mate with female domestic yaks, and some attractive wild yaks will also be taken away by female domestic yaks. As for the herdsmen's unwillingness to drive wild yak, on the one hand, the wild yak in the breeding season is more aggressive. The wild yak will take the initiative to rush over before anyone approaches. Second, the wild yak is a key protected wild animal. Accidentally injured a wild yak. Another obvious reason is that there are statistics: domestic yaks in areas with wild yak distribution are superior in physique and meat production than domestic yaks in areas without wild yak distribution, because wild yaks occasionally break into domestic yaks , After the mixed yak is raised, it can be sold for a higher price, so the herdsmen are not willing to drive the wild yak. 2. The Unique Bull Demon King in China Among the wild yak species, the wild yak is a special animal in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau of China. The deputy will try his best to attack the enemy, so it is very likely to overturn the car, especially the running car, so the wild yak is also considered to be the most vicious wild cattle in the country. Because the wild yak lives in the alpine grassland environment and the food is relatively limited, the wild yak must have a very strong feeding ability, and there will be a layer of meat teeth on their tongue, which helps the wild yak to easily lick hard plants. Adult wild yaks have no natural predators, but young wild yaks are easily attacked by wolves and other carnivorous beasts. In the wild yak herd, the group of wild yaks will generally take the initiative to avoid the enemy, and they will run away when they encounter people or cars, but if they rush into their territory, the leader of the wild yak will also think that the enemy will harm the yak companion, in order to protect the Territory, protection of companions, etc. Some large male wild yak will take the initiative to attack and drive away the enemy, so when traveling in the plateau area, don’t think that it is safe to hide in the car, and rashly drive into the wild yak’s territory, the wild yak will try to Cars are overturned, and their high-speed collisions will bring a strong sense of oppression. Pay attention to the six-dimensional nature and let the flow know nature! (Picture source network invasion and deletion)

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