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After half a year of hard work, 7 cats tore high-end curtains into fringed shapes: the style is pretty good

Time:2023-03-20 19:47:59 author:Rare species Read:748次
After half a year of hard work, 7 cats tore high-end curtains into fringed shapes: the style is pretty good

Come on, let's count, the shit shoveling officer who has been demolished by the cat and has no temper, raise his hand. Many people must have experienced that the new furniture they just bought was scratched by the cats at home before they were put away for a few days. Their cheap claws are really speechless. For example, the woman in the following story has given up resistance to the cat demolition. A group of 7 cats "engaged" with curtains. The woman has several cats at home, including pastoral cats and breed cats. The most expensive one is the "Beerus" adult named "Huahua". But it is also the hairless cat that is usually the most naughty, and things will happen. In January of this year, new high-end curtains were replaced in the women's bedroom, which looked very pleasing to the eye. But the curtain only "lived" for a day, and was stared at by the cats at home. From the second day on, 7 cats led by hairless cats formed a group to use the curtains as "cat climbing frames", and they used their paws to hook the curtains to climb up and down. How could the curtain stand against the cat's claws? It's not that she doesn't get angry, and she doesn't let them be, but it doesn't work even if the woman beats and scolds the cats countless times, and they will not change. Later, the woman was indifferent when she saw them pulling the curtains. Curtains have become "tassel-like". Now more than half a year has passed, and the project of these curtain "cat masters" has almost been completed. I saw that the high-end and silky curtains originally looked at, but now its surface has been scratched into a "fringe-like", I don't know, I thought it was this style I bought. And the woman's mentality is also changing day by day, and she feels that it can be accepted. After all, now curtains can also block light and wind, and the value of curtains themselves are still there. At the same time, she also thinks that this curtain is very good, full of artistic atmosphere, it can be seen that the woman has "grown" a lot. From trying hard to stop it to "appreciating lying flat", this road is too difficult. Netizen: The style is very good. According to the woman, I wanted to buy a sofa at home, but I was afraid that the cats would scratch it, so I didn't dare to buy it. I didn't expect the curtains to suffer. But it's not a big deal. As long as the fur kids like it, what's a curtain for? Netizens also hold different opinions on the issue of "cats form a group to build curtains". Some people think that they can't stand it if they are replaced by themselves. Good curtains will be like this. Watching the video, they thought the curtains were just this style. The cat "designed" the curtains for free, which is also quite good. Harm, veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that only cat owners can understand the mentality of a woman's "lying flat", and it is useless to stop it. It is better to ignore it and be less angry. It's impossible not to keep cats, so let's grieve the curtains. Message: Don't think that only dogs can demolish homes, cats can also do damage. Especially their claws, they like to scratch their claws everywhere, which is normal. If you cherish furniture, then veterinarian Xiao Ming reminds you not to keep cats. In addition, since we have cats, we must tolerate some small faults on fur children. As long as it is not a big fault, forgive them. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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