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Cow chases van for 1km after calf is sold by owner: don't take my baby

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Cow chases van for 1km after calf is sold by owner: don't take my baby

The word "deep love for licking a calf" comes from "The Biography of Yang Biao in the Later Han Dynasty": "I still cherish the love of an old ox licking a calf." Nowadays, people often use it to describe the deep love that parents have for their children. But a little story about "Old Niu chasing a car" happened a few days ago, which shocked many people. It turns out that Lao Niu's love for children does not only exist in books. The calf was sent away by the car, and the old cow chased for 1 km. The story happened in Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia. The eldest brother is a herdsman on the grassland. He has a lot of cattle and sheep at home, and he lives on them every year. A few days ago, he negotiated with the feeder (not a cattle dealer), and he will come to pick up the calf in a few days. This day, the feeder drove a truck to pick up the calves, and when they were loaded into the car and drove away, the old cattle at home chased them out again, just like in previous years. I saw it following the truck all the time, shouting loudly while chasing, as if to say: "My child, don't take my child!" Hearing it, it was very disturbing. Although Lao Niu ran very slowly and couldn't catch up with the speed of the truck at all, but he never thought of giving up, he chased for a kilometer before stopping, and was finally led back by his elder brother. Lao Niu chases the car every year. Talking about this old bull, the elder brother is also full of emotion. I have been raising it for six or seven years, and every year when it comes time to sell calves, it will come out to chase cars. Every time I see the scene of it chasing the car, I also feel heartache. He is a herdsman and has to live, so it is impossible to keep the calf behind every year, and he also tries his best to protect the calf in his own way. Every time he sells a calf, he sells the calf to feed him, so that the calf is also brought back to raise instead of being sold by the cattle dealer for money, so he can rest assured. Someone asked the eldest brother, why not keep the old cow in captivity, so that it can't chase the car? The eldest brother said that it is useless to circle. As soon as the calf is taken away, it will jump out, which is more dangerous. It is better to let it chase the car. "Animals just don't know how to speak." If it wasn't for life, the big brother would be reluctant to sell the calf. Yes, who can be indifferent when he sees the scene of the old ox chasing the car, between people and animals, The most empathetic is the mother's love. Some netizens said that any animal has spirituality, they just can't speak, but the laws of nature cannot be broken. Raising cattle, raising cattle, and selling cattle is an infinite cycle that no one can destroy. Yes, even if we can't bear to see such a scene, it can't be changed. In order to make a living, the herdsmen have to sell their calves. They are at the bottom of the food chain and can only bear such pain. Message: Maternal love is worthy of praise regardless of species. Although we can't change the fact that the cow lost her baby, we know in our heart that the mother cow's love for her baby is great enough. At least we will be sad when we see a scene, and we will empathize, instead of treating it coldly and indifferently. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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