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The pastoral white cat that has been raised for 5 years is lost, and the sketch artist offers a reward of 5,000 yuan to find it: a family-like existence

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The pastoral white cat that has been raised for 5 years is lost, and the sketch artist offers a reward of 5,000 yuan to find it: a family-like existence

Suppose, your pet that you have kept for many years is lost, how would you feel? Do you think it doesn't matter, just raise another one if it's a big deal, or is it heartache to get it back no matter how much it costs? The attitude of most people is probably the latter. The guy in the following story lost the cat that accompanied him for more than 5 years. The story of the lost pastoral white cat that had been raised for 5 years happened in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. The guy is a freelancer who makes a living by sketching and painting, living a free and unfettered life. But five years ago, a stray white cat he met became his only fetter. When I first met the little stray cat, it only weighed 8. It was distressingly thin. The guy felt that they were destined, so he adopted it and gave it a playful name "Ba Liang". Ba Liang is not only thin, but also a defective cat whose ears have no hearing due to a congenital genetic defect. But it is such a stray cat that is worthless in the eyes of others, but it has become the most precious "treasure" of the young man. When I first adopted the cat, as soon as the boy went out, the cat would keep meowing until his throat became hoarse. Yes, it can't do without him. So in the next five years or so, the guy took it wherever he went, and didn't let him stay at home alone. Whether it's traveling or taking pictures in various places, since he raised a cat, most of his portraits have "it" in them. It can be said that Ba Liang not only integrated into the young man's picture, but also entered his heart. But just over a week ago, the cat who had integrated into the boy's life was lost. At that time, the young man was taking pictures outside and tied Ba Liang to a post on the side. When the young man finished painting, he found that Ba Liang was gone. He was so anxious that he hurriedly called the police, but the clues he could find were very limited. Can "Eight Liang" still be found? During the period of searching for cats, many people contacted him and said that they had seen stray cats that looked similar. Every time after receiving the news, the guy will put down what he is doing and go to see if it is it, but unfortunately, every one of the more than 10 stray cats that I went to see looks like it, but none of it is it. Although they are also white cats, they are not their own cats. In addition, the guy has also released "cat search notices" on various platforms, hoping that everyone will help find their cats, and said that they will pay a lot of money. He said that perhaps in the eyes of others, this is a worthless pastoral cat, but in his own heart, it has long been a family-like existence. Now many public accounts help the guy forward, and veterinarian Xiao Ming also hopes that the cat can return to the guy as soon as possible. Perhaps in the hearts of some people who have never raised a cat, it may just be a cat that has been lost, and there is no need to go to great lengths to find it. But all of us who have raised cats can understand that cats have long transcended the boundaries of pets and are like family members. Message: After raising cats for a long time, the relationship between the owner and the shovel officer will increase year by year. In the end, counting the time for fear of losing them. Maybe when we first bought our pets, we just had a novel and fun mentality, but slowly, our feelings for pets changed, and they became our soul sustenance. So, please cherish the days when pets are by your side, and spend more time with them when you have time. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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