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Can guinea pigs take the high-speed rail?

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Can guinea pigs take the high-speed rail?

No, the high-speed train cannot carry any pets. 1. Pets are not allowed on the high-speed rail According to the relevant regulations of the high-speed rail, any live animals (except guide dogs) such as pets are prohibited from being carried on the train. The guinea pig is also a kind of pet, so the guinea pig is not allowed to carry on the high-speed rail according to the regulations. 2. Some pets can be transported by rail, such as cats and dogs, which can be transported by rail. There are many requirements for consignment, and you need to go through the corresponding procedures and vaccines in advance according to the requirements. However, so far, guinea pigs cannot be transported by rail. Because some procedures cannot be handled, especially the vaccine cannot be played, and there is no vaccine specifically for guinea pigs. 3. It is recommended that family and friends help with raising. If you leave home for a short time, the best way is for family and friends to help raise for a period of time. Family members can leave the keys to help feed them, and friends can temporarily help them raise them for a while at a friend’s house. 4. Fostering is a good choice. Guinea pigs also have some pet boarding services that can provide boarding services, so if you are away from home for a short period of time, pet boarding is also a good choice. It is recommended to choose an experienced boarding business. Many pet boarding businesses have no experience, which is not acceptable. 5. If you leave home for a long time or move, other ways are suggested. If you leave home for a long time, there is also moving to another place and no longer living locally. At this time, the guinea pig must be taken away, so it is recommended to choose another way to take it away, such as a long-distance bus or a ride. The guinea pig is not suitable for taking the high-speed rail. According to their own needs, they can choose different ways.

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