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How can I prevent my dog ​​from getting parasites? Why do you need to deworm your dog regularly?

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How can I prevent my dog ​​from getting parasites? Why do you need to deworm your dog regularly?

Dogs are animals that need to be taken out for a walk every day. They have more contact with the outside world and are more likely to be infected by parasites, so they need to be dewormed regularly. 1. Dogs are more likely to be exposed to parasites 1. Dogs need to go out for a walk every day, which is different from most other pets, that is, they need to be taken out for a walk every day. Just staying in a small space at home can make your dog go wild. Therefore, dogs need to go out at least once a day, and let them go out to exercise and pay attention to their bodies. However, you may encounter various parasites when you go out, and the chance of contracting various parasitic diseases is very high. 2. Most dogs need to go outside for excretion Most dogs need to be taken outside to excrete every day, whether it is stool or urine, they need to go outside. Most dogs like the convenience of grass or tree trunks, of course, male dogs are interested in urinating on any pillars or even walls. When this is convenient or on the way to and from, it will also come into contact with some parasites, such as ticks. 3. The gregariousness of dogs leads to mutual infection. Dogs may be group animals, so different dogs will sniff each other when they meet. Then it is possible to greet each other intimately, shout at each other, or even fight. Dogs show more intimacy, such as licking the corners of their mouths, rubbing against other dogs, sniffing their butts and so on. This close contact is also a way to infect each other with parasites on their bodies. 4. Dogs are curious and easily infected with parasites. Dogs are very curious little animals. They are interested in various small animals such as lizards, insects, birds, cats, and even mice. And they are not generally interested. After finding these small animals, they will chase, even hunt, and even eat a small amount. The parasites on these small animals can infect dogs during the process of contact. 5. Dogs like to dig soil and are easily infected with parasites. Dogs especially like to dig soil and dig pits. This is what most dogs like to do. It may be the instinct of ancestors to dig caves or dig for food, so that dogs have a hobby of digging soil after birth. Parasites on the soil or lawn shrubs on the soil surface can infect dogs at this time. 2. How to prevent dogs from infecting parasites If you go out, try to take hardened roads, and do not let the dog go to green spaces, grasses, bushes and other places. 2. Reduce contact with other dogs. Mutual infection between dogs is one of the main sources of parasites, so take dogs out and reduce contact with other dogs. Try to avoid other dogs, especially stray dogs. Almost every stray dog ​​carries a large number of parasites. If you meet an acquaintance who also brings a dog, you must contact, then keep the distance between the two dogs, and don't have close contact. 3. It is a good habit to keep the dog from chasing small animals. It is a good habit to keep the dog on a leash. It not only copes with the inspection, but also controls the dog not to chase the small animal, and also prevents the dog from running away. Properly control the length of the leash, and find that the dog may find a small animal curious and tighten it to stop it. 4. The practice of preventing dogs from digging soil. Dogs like to dig soil when they go out to the ground. This process will not only make the dog very dirty, but also easily infected with parasites. So take good care of your dog after going out, don't let them dig the soil, and protect the safety of the dog. 5. Regular deworming is very important. If your dog goes out every day and likes to play in the grass, he also likes to play with other dogs, including stray dogs. In addition to controlling the dog's behavior and not doing dangerous things, it is also necessary to deworm the dog on a regular basis. It is recommended that such a dog is dewormed once a month in vitro and once every 1-2 months in the body. If your dog is out on hard surfaces most of the day, occasionally in grass and other dogs. It also needs to be dewormed regularly, but the frequency of deworming can be considered to be controlled in 2 months in vitro and 2-3 months in vivo. If the dog doesn't need to go downstairs every day, once a few days will do, and only on hardened surfaces, not grass and other dogs. Regular deworming is still required, but deworming both inside and outside the body only takes 3 months. 6. Ensure the safety of the breeding environment Many parasites will discharge eggs, larvae, etc. in the breeding environment to infect other animals or develop slowly. The most typical is fleas. The fleas you find on your dog are only 5% of the fleas in the house, and the remaining 95% are in every corner of the house. Therefore, while deworming the dog, it is necessary to kill all the parasites in the environment, otherwise it is easy to be infected repeatedly. Some of the habits of dogs make them more susceptible to parasite infection, so it is recommended that dogs be dewormed regularly to protect the safety of their little ones.

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