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These 5 ways to walk dogs in autumn are slowly hurting dogs, you know?

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These 5 ways to walk dogs in autumn are slowly hurting dogs, you know?

Before you know it, it's autumn again. What should you pay attention to when walking your dog in autumn? Today, let’s talk about the ways to walk dogs in autumn. The following 5 kinds are slowly hurting dogs, you know! 1. Because the summer is too hot, some pet owners seldom walk their dogs. In autumn, when the autumn is crisp, and the weather is not so hot, pet owners often go to walk their dogs, especially at noon. This is wrong. It is still very hot at noon in autumn. Walking the dog at noon will cause the dog to suffer from heat stroke if you are not careful. 2. Some pet owners seem to make up for the dog walking time in summer. Every time they take their dog out for a walk, they have to walk for a long time until the dog can't walk. This is actually wrong, because the dog's body can't bear the sudden increase in the amount of exercise, which will only cause sports injuries to the dog, which is not good for the body. 3. Although there are not as many parasites in autumn as in spring and summer, it is still not recommended to take dogs for a walk in the grass and trees. If you are not careful, it is easy for dogs to be infected with parasites. Therefore, for the health of dogs, pet owners must be careful not to go to these places when they take their dogs out for a walk. 4. Some pet owners don't like to wear a dog leash when they walk their dogs, but don't forget that autumn is the estrus season for dogs. If you don't wear a dog leash for walking, the dog is likely to get lost. You may also bring back several "grandchildren and granddaughters", so when you take your dog out for a walk, you must bring a leash to the dog. 5. If your dog is more afraid of cold, or is not in good health, and you like to take your dog out for a walk early in the morning, you should pay attention. Autumn mornings are relatively cold and the wind is relatively strong at this time. It is best to dress the dog or walk the dog at another time, otherwise the dog may get sick. Walking the dog correctly in autumn is good for the dog! I believe that all pet owners take their dogs out for a walk, and it is also for the good of the dog, but it is really important to walk the dog correctly. In autumn, when pet owners take their dogs out for a walk, they should first tie the dog leash to prevent the dog from getting lost, and then choose to walk the dog in the morning or afternoon. Dogs who are not in good health should take precautions to keep warm. The time of walking the dog should be well controlled, 1-2 hours is enough for medium and large dogs, and 30 minutes for small dogs is enough. Conclusion: have you learned it?

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