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Brother Pingtou attacked the wild dog, but was brutally "routine" by the wild dog. What happened?

Time:2023-02-03 12:46:38 author:Poultry Read:747次
Brother Pingtou attacked the wild dog, but was brutally "routine" by the wild dog. What happened?

Do you know how African wild dogs protect their puppies? Look! This variegated wolf, also called the African wild dog, has just crawled out of a burrow. She has been hiding in the ground for the past three weeks, overcoming difficulties and giving birth to her eighth child. The little guy who followed was also curious about the outside world, and staggered out of his head. This dog's coat color is more messy, including black, yellow and white, and each individual coat color markings are different. Whoops, the little guy accidentally lost his footing and fell on the buttocks. Seeing this, the male dogs in the group immediately checked it out. After seeing that the little guy was all right, everyone was relieved. The mother dog grabbed the little guy and pushed it into the cave. Helpless, the little guy was disobedient and ran outside without paying attention. Seeing the cute appearance of the little guy, the dog mother had to watch it dotingly. Just then, danger appeared! This is the honey badger, which is called "Brother Flathead" in Jianghu. Its thick, loose skin and various protective mechanisms make it difficult for even venomous snakes to bite it! Even with the lion and tiger and its PK, it may not necessarily prevail. But for the safety of the little ones, they must be scare away. I saw the dog father approached without haste, and tested back and forth with the honey badger. Just when the battle was about to trigger, the dog mother picked up the little guy and ran. The disobedient little guy, let it go back to the cave and listen to Jay Chou's "Listen to Mom" ​​100 times! In the end, the honey badger reluctantly looked in the direction where the mother dog was leaving, and sighed while running, and the cooked duck flew away like this.


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