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The "mop dog" survived by being fed by the students, and after being adopted by a kind woman, successfully completed the "counter-attack"

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The "mop dog" survived by being fed by the students, and after being adopted by a kind woman, successfully completed the "counter-attack"

"It's nice to have a home", this sentence is probably the voice of all stray animals. Originally, they could bloom beautifully, but because of their long-term wandering, they could only live unkemptly every day. For them, it would be good if they could live without taking care of their appearance. Like the stray dog ​​in the story below, if it hadn't been adopted, no one would have imagined that it looked so good-looking. The stray dogs are fed by the trainees. Last year, when the woman was studying in the driving school, she noticed a stray dog ​​on the side of the road. I saw that it was dirty all over, and the white hair on its body fell off and knotted because it had not been taken care of for a long time. From a distance, it looks like a moving "mop". At that time, the woman's heart was extremely uncomfortable, and she must have had a painful experience to be so down. After inquiring, I found out that the stray dog ​​has been hanging around here for more than two weeks and has not left. Looking at the stray dog ​​that has long been "unrecognizable" in front of her, the woman fell into a tangle. I have rescued a lot of stray animals, and I was already overwhelmed. If I add it, it will be a lot of expenses. But if you don't save it, you will feel guilty when you think about it in the future. Finally, after hesitating for a long time in my heart, I decided to take it away. And time has shown that the woman's decision is not wrong. Crested dog? Samoyed? The first thing after rescuing it was to take it to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, apart from skin diseases and malnutrition, it did not have much problems. After she shaved it, she became curious about the dog's breed. Intuition tells the woman that it is not an ordinary stray dog, it has an "identity". It's so ugly, what kind of identity can it have? Friends ruthlessly sneered that this was a "crested dog", but the woman judged by the color of its fur that it was most likely a Samoyed. However, this conjecture has not been recognized by anyone, and now it is not even as good as an ordinary pastoral dog. The days of the successful counterattack passed by day by day, and the dog's hair gradually grew longer and his personality improved. If it is said that it was an "autistic teenager" when it just came home, then it is cheerful and sunny now. And time also gave the answer, it is really a Samoyed, even more beautiful than other Samoyeds, and has successfully counterattacked. If the woman hadn't rescued it, no one would have believed that the stray dog ​​turned out to be a "smiling angel". Today, it is both beautiful and confident. I wonder if the original owner who abandoned or lost it would regret losing such a lovely dog. Thanks to the kind woman who gave Samoyed a chance to be reborn. Thank you for her decision to make us meet such a beautiful dog. Message: Many stray animals were once cute, but they strayed for various reasons and can no longer shine like before. Veterinarian Xiao Ming hopes that everyone can take good care of their pets, and don't let them get lost, let alone abandon them. If you really don't want to have a pet, you can find a pet to adopt. There are many people who are willing to adopt, and it is completely possible to find a good family for them. In addition, I hope that those who have the idea of ​​raising a pet can also consider adopting instead of purchasing. You see, how cute the stray dog ​​in the story is after being adopted. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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