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When the boy was fishing at night by the river, the stray cat "Luo Xiaohei" accompanies the fishing all night: Is it not too much to give a small fish?

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When the boy was fishing at night by the river, the stray cat "Luo Xiaohei" accompanies the fishing all night: Is it not too much to give a small fish?

Some stray cats are smart enough to ask humans for food. This is indeed the case. The cat is casually cute, coquettish, and then uses pitiful eyes. Normal people can't stand it, so they have to offer the food with both hands. Just like the guy in the story below, many of the fish caught by hard work end up in the mouth of a stray cat. Night fishing met "Luo Xiaohei", a guy from Wuhan who likes fishing very much. When he has nothing to do, he likes to go fishing in the small pond in the community, and the harvest is not small every time. That night, when he went out for night fishing and was concentrating on waiting for the fish to be hooked, he vaguely felt a pair of eyes staring at him beside him. When I turned my head and looked at it, I was so cute: I didn't know when, a black stray cat was sitting not far away, staring at him fishing, a pair of round green eyes, shining in the dark, just like in the anime "Luo Xiaohei". The guy understands it, and it is estimated that this guy is waiting to catch a big fish by himself, so that he can feed it. But it's a pity, I just came here, and there is no fish for it to eat. If it wants to eat fish, it can only wait patiently. The guy is not hostile to the arrival of the stray "Luo Xiaohei". He originally raised cats himself, and he knows that the life of these stray cats is not easy. In this way, one person and one cat have become a beautiful "landscape" in the night. Be patient with the cat and go fishing all night. Sure enough, in order to eat delicious food, the stray black cat really spent the night with the guy. Ask the veterinarian Xiao Ming to say that this "accompanying fishing" is worth several small fish. After dawn, the guy also harvested a lot of fish, and he took a small fish and threw it to the cat. The little guy didn't pick either, he just ran away with the fish in his mouth. This night, he finally didn't wait in vain. The guy is too stingy? Later, after the guy posted the video of the cat accompanying him when he was fishing on the Internet, many netizens commented that the guy was too stingy. No matter how the cat stayed with him for one night, he gave him a small fish, wouldn't his conscience hurt? The guy explained that it's not that he doesn't give cats big fish. For cats, the palatability of small fish is much better than that of big fish. After hearing this, netizens naturally didn't believe it. No way, the next day, the guy found "Luo Xiaohei" again and gave him a big fish, so that the cat was slapped several times by the fish and almost couldn't take it away. At this time, netizens were also slapped in the face, it seems that the guy is really not stingy. Some netizens asked the guy, is this cat really a stray cat? Why don't stray cats go fishing with me? The young man joked that he had the ability to fly a cat. Haha, do you believe it? Anyway, veterinarian Xiao Ming doesn't believe it. It can be seen that the guy is very kind, and he is also very good to stray cats. Presumably they have some familiarity with them, so they will accompany fishing together! All netizens, stop being envious, jealous, and hate stray cats more often, and you can also harvest the same "Luo Xiaohei". Message: Stray cats will take the initiative to find people, usually because they are very hungry. So I hope everyone, if the cat takes the initiative to approach you and wants to beg for food, you can feed it a little bit. If you really don't like them, just walk away and there is no need to hurt them. Generally, cats can find you, which also means that they can feel your kindness. In most cases, it is your "cat smell" that attracts it. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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