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Volunteers feed stray cats and see a pouting, cross-eyed ugly cat: Is it natural?

Time:2023-02-03 12:06:28 author:Mammal Read:939次
Volunteers feed stray cats and see a pouting, cross-eyed ugly cat: Is it natural?

Just as some people's obesity may not be caused by eating, but by drugs used to treat diseases, it is also possible that an animal's ugly appearance is not born, but has intractable diseases. As we all know, animal shelters have a cap on adoption, and it is impossible for all stray animals to live together. Therefore, there are many healthy stray cats and dogs, who are fed by well-meaning people or volunteers, at least to ensure that they have food and drink. One day, a volunteer was feeding a local stray cat when he noticed a special-looking kitten in the group. This is a skinny little Siamese cat. Its head is slightly swollen, its cross-eyed eyes are slightly squinted, its upper lip is enlarged and deformed, turned out, revealing two small pointed tiger teeth, and its entire face looks very deformed. The cat's ugly appearance made the well-informed volunteers unable to fix it: Is this cat born to look like this? Still injured? But why can't I find the wound? Although they didn't understand the reason, the volunteers vaguely felt that it would be better to check the cat, so they took it back to the rescue station. Diagnosed by doctors at the local shelter, the cat was diagnosed with a classic allergy: eosinophilic granuloma. The disease is an inflammatory skin disease and is usually caused by inappropriate food ingredients or allergies caused by insects such as fleas. It is conceivable that the cat must have come into contact with some dirty things when it strays outside, causing it to suffer a lot. Even if the disease is cured, it may recur after exposure to allergens, so cats should not be allowed to stray outside. They named it Sam and began an urgent search for an owner who would take good care of it and bring it back to health. Coincidentally, a local resident named Kate wanted to adopt a pet. When she saw the picture of the poor kitten, she was moved by the way it was suffering and adopted it without hesitation. After finding the owner for the cat, everyone can finally concentrate on treating the cat. At this time, the cat is very busy. In addition to being injected with drugs such as steroids and antibiotics by the doctor, it has to familiarize itself with the new owner and the environment of the new home. After several months of treatment, the cat is fully recovered and looks like a different cat. The cat seemed to cheer itself up, not only gaining weight, but also becoming more and more lively relatives. The doctor said that the cat's recovery is so good, not only is the drug working, but the superior indoor environment and the owner's care have had a very positive impact on the cat's mentality. As he grows older, the cat has not escaped the fate of being a Siamese, and has become a big fat cat, living a very happy life. The owner said it was very smart and never shy, and would meow loudly for people to play with. Although many stray cats and dogs look shabby, most of them are forced by living conditions, and it is very difficult for them to just live. I hope that if you have the conditions, you can consider feeding or rescuing the stray furry children. After all, after the owner's care, who is not a cute little one? The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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