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Inventory of those "dog nannies" in the canine world, the last one is even a star

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Inventory of those "dog nannies" in the canine world, the last one is even a star

Although many people say that there are children at home, they are afraid to keep a dog, but in fact, many dogs are very friendly and docile nowadays. It is really good to have a dog to accompany the child to grow up and to be a "dog nanny"! Let's take a look at those "dog nannies" in the canine world, the last one is even a star!


Personality: Cheerful, docile, friendly Newfoundland has a docile temperament and special affection for humans. Friendly to others, especially for children, it is very tolerant and will silently allow children to bully. Therefore, in Europe, the Newfoundland dog has won the title of "born babysitter".

Bernese Mountain Dog

Personality: Quiet, clingy, polite, obedient The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very gentle and quiet The dog is almost the best choice as a companion dog. It enjoys the joy of getting along with family members, so it is very gentle and patient with children, and it is a playful companion for children to grow up.

German Shepherd

Character: High obedience, absolute loyalty. Don't look at the appearance of the German Shepherd, which can be very bluffing, but its temperament It is relatively stable and loyal, highly obedient, and has a high sense of self-management and guardianship, so let it take care of children, it will definitely be able to do well.

Golden Retriever

Character: Warm, friendly, gentle and warm. Golden Retriever's ability to be a nanny should be beyond doubt, it is warm and caring Its character is well-received, and it is recognized as non-aggressive, smart and patient. Many pet owners are very satisfied with it, so Golden Retriever said: This home can't be done without me! Hidden power and fame!


Personality: Gentle and helpful Labrador is also a very good companion dog. The temperament is as docile and stable as the golden retriever, and it is also more intelligent and obedient. It is a dog that can be a good family member and can also take good care of children. It is said that it is the most competent babysitter! But Labrador Retrievers may be naughty when they are young, but fortunately, they are smart and easy to train. The pet owner can make it more obedient with more discipline and training. The training can be matched with snacks to make it more focused.

Giant VIP

Personality: Elegant, alert, docile and loyal It is also very gentle and obedient, and it is easy to develop feelings with the owner, and if there is a small owner at home, it will also develop a "nanny potential", which can take good care of the children in the family, such as the star Huo Siyan's family also has support, it is humming. faithful companion. But it is huge and expensive. It takes a lot of money to raise it, and it eats a lot, so I don’t dare to raise it without any family background. If it is raised, it is recommended to choose a cost-effective one for it. Feeding dog food can satisfy nutrition and save money. Conclusion: Which dog do you think is the most competent for the "nanny" job?


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