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Sunrise and sunset, dawn and mist, the passage of time, gentleness at four o'clock

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Sunrise and sunset, dawn and mist, the passage of time, gentleness at four o'clock

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a beautiful festival with family affection and reunion, which is deeply imprinted in the hearts of Chinese people. Reunion and a happy festival are the hope of every Chinese. The Forbidden City, the master of Chinese aesthetics, is the first choice for Chinese people to add collections to their homes. The purple smoke from the incense burner in the sunshine and the waterfall hanging in front of the river from a distance - Li Bai's "Wang Lushan Waterfall" thousands of years of color culture are scattered in the poems and songs of scholars and writers ~~~~ condensed into crimson, Qingdai, Biluo, Chunchen, Mushan Purple, distant mountains such as Dai, Dongfang Jibai~~ These beautiful color names, scattered in more than 400 documents, have been recovered like pearls in the ocean. The 96 hand-painted Forbidden City cultural relics are all in the collection, and the beauty of the cultural relics is the ultimate interpretation of the beauty of traditional colors. Cloisonné enamel seat red coral Pisces inlaid beaded emerald bonsai - Qing Dynasty Imperial Moon Order Seventy-two Poems Behind the traditional Chinese colors, there are oriental aesthetics and ancient wisdom that have been circulating for thousands of years, connecting with traditional Chinese culture All aspects of celestial phenomena, geography, minerals, plants... "Chinese-colored Forbidden City Beauty" series of gift boxes, let the traditional beauty communicate ancient and modern into life! Sunrise and sunset, morning mist, the passage of time, the four seasons are gentle and spring water is full of four lakes, summer clouds are full of strange peaks, autumn moon shines brightly, winter ridges show solitary pine - Tao Yuanming's "Four Seasons" all year round, mountains and rivers turn, all are gentle spring There are hundreds of flowers in autumn and the moon, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. The beauty of the four seasons always carries the picturesque poetic Yongshuangtang tangerine peel "The Beauty of the Forbidden City in China - Four Seasons". The inevitable passage of sunrise and sunset, morning mist and haze, every stunning scenery is a gift given to people by the passage of natural time. The mountains and rivers are far and wide. The elegant rhythm of the sun, the moon, the mountains, and the rivers overflowing with citrus fragrance in the four seasons, the small green citrus ink dyeing the landscape, the bone china tea set, and the beautiful and elegant romance are all included in the box. In the design of the gift box, Xiahong is based on the plain color of bone china, with traditional color smudges as the embellishment, supplemented by the Forbidden City to outline and add color, showing the romance and beauty of the four seasons of the mountains and rivers. The gift box adopts a double-layer structure and a double-layer gift box. The upper layer is placed with citrus-flavored small green citrus + traditional Chinese color card Huacai added fragrance, the ancient rhyme green citrus is selected from the eight-year-old tree citrus in the core area of ​​​​the 300-acre tea branch citrus garden of Yongshuangtang tangerine peel in August and September The golden autumn tangerine has a sweet and fruity taste, with a long and lingering fragrance. The buds of the 5-year-old court-ripened Pu-erh tea in Menghai, Yunnan are clear and fragrant. The soup is transparent, the citrus rhyme is long, mellow and fragrant, and the box surface of the small green citrus is bright and moist at the entrance. The beauty, the interpretation of the four seasons of the national tide color of the Forbidden City, a set of "Shadow Dance" bone china tea set customized by Paitao Technology, a high-end bone china manufacturer in Chaozhou, the "China Porcelain Capital", is placed under the box. The high temperature is 1320 degrees 2 After the second firing, the ceramic glaze is smooth and moist, the durability is much higher than that of ordinary porcelain, and it is easy to clean, crystal clear and transparent, and the brown soup base is more prominent. Pai pottery bone china conforms to the US FDA EU CE/EU Saudi Saso certification. It is a Chinese commodity export brand and one of the top ten tea vessels in Chaozhou. The product is based on the ancient country's mountains and rivers. , a long view of the sun and the moon. The Forbidden City embodies the great beauty inherited from the ancient country of Meina and Tibet, which is a thousand-year-old Chinese civilization. Egret flying in desert paddy fields, oriole flying in shaded summer. In the mountains, Xi Jinping quietly watches the hibiscus, and Matsushita Qingzhai folds the dew sunflower. Ye Lao and others are fighting for seats, and the seagull is more suspicious of what is going on. ——"Wangchuan Village in Autumn" Wang Weixia is the season when all things are flourishing. The branches and leaves are lush, the flowers are like brocade and the streams are clear and shallow, the sun is warm and the earth is covered with a layer of orange and brilliant colors The taste is recorded in a small citrus-flavored "planet". Every strand of tea smoke shows the beauty of summer. The ancient cultural relics of the Qing Dynasty are selected as the base of the century-old Forbidden City, the cultural relics of the great country. The setting is made of precious and precious jade, ivory, snails, etc. On the pen holder, flowers and fruits are coiled, and the designer hid a little thought during the design. The back of the gift box is designed in the form of a traditional hanging plaque. The decorative painting is not only a gift box, but also a cultural relic portrait that is elegant and exquisite, beautiful and adds a sense of design to the living space. Summer - product display Summer citrus fragrance includes the fragrance of summer kumquats Moon kumquat is fruity and sweet, the citrus is mellow and moisturizing, and the citrus is mellow and moisturizing. It has a smooth color and luster after five years of Menghai ripening. The five-year-old palace has been cooked in the court and has a light and light rhyme, the citrus fragrance is full of tea fragrance, and the soup color is transparent. The card is selected and matched with 24 Forbidden City cultural relics to interpret the four seasons of the Forbidden City and the four seasons. Citrus tea drink summer beautiful citrus tea fragrance nourishes your every moment


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