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There are wild boars in Jinzhai, Anhui. The local area hires a hunting team for "10 yuan per catty". Who will catch the wild boar?

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There are wild boars in Jinzhai, Anhui. The local area hires a hunting team for "10 yuan per catty". Who will catch the wild boar?

Wild boars are one of the most familiar wild animals. They are widely distributed in our country. They often haunt the fields and ridges, which are very harmful to agricultural production. In the early years, due to severe hunting and habitat destruction, the population of a large number of wild animals declined sharply, including wild boars. For a long time, they were hard to see even in rural areas. However, with the gradual restoration of the ecology, the environment is getting better and better, and the number of wild animals has begun to increase, including wild boars, and wild boars are a species with a faster growth rate, which people can already feel intuitively. They frequently visit areas of human activity, and even big cities are home to wild boars. According to statistics, the number of wild boars in the country has exceeded 1.2 million. In some areas, the number of wild boars has reached the point of flooding. The farmers are unbearable. It's just "dare to be angry and not to speak out", and can no longer kill him like in the past. For example, a peasant couple in Nanyang, Henan, took revenge for the frequent destruction of their fields by wild boars. Sentenced for killing and profiting from 8 wild boars. In the face of "wild boar disease", the main method at present is to invite professional farming hunting teams to carry out controlled hunting and kill some wild boars. For example, in 2006, more than 1,360 wild boars were hunted and killed in Zhejiang because of the overdose of wild boars.

Jinzhai wild boars are rampant, professional hunting teams are killed

The number of wild boars in Jinzhai County, Lu'an City, Anhui Province is also relatively large , the situation has reached the point of flooding, and many farmers have suffered from it. In order to safeguard the vital interests of the masses and strengthen the prevention and control of wild boar damage, Jinzhai County recently issued a notice on the development of controlled hunting of wild boars, delimiting the whole county, excluding nature reserves, as hunting areas. , contact the local Huimin hunting team and ask them to ecologically hunt the excess wild boar. At the same time, it is stipulated that the local government purchases at the standard of 10 yuan per catty to subsidize the labor costs of hunting personnel, and then uniformly dispose of the wild boars obtained from hunting. Many people are concerned about whether anyone can kill wild boars in the hunting area? Who is the hunted wild boar? Can it be sold? In fact, the information conveyed in the notice is very clear. Not everyone can hunt wild boars. They must be hunters who have obtained hunting licenses and other relevant documents, and they are not just as many as they want. They must be controlled hunting. The number of arrests is limited. Moreover, the hunted wild boars cannot be taken as their own, cannot be eaten, and cannot be bought or sold. Therefore, most ordinary people cannot participate in this hunting, and it is not recommended for ordinary people to engage in this work. After all, wild boars are very ferocious animals, and they need experienced professional hunters to deal with them.

Why are wild boar numbers growing so fast?

After the 1960s, most of the wild animal populations in my country showed a downward trend, and wild boars were no exception. We did not see them for a long time. Later, as the ecological environment improved, although the number of animals gradually increased, why did the wild boar grow so fast? There is such a law in nature. The lower the food chain, the stronger the reproductive ability. For example, the reproductive ability of rabbits must be much stronger than that of eagles. As the basic prey of many large carnivores, wild boars are naturally super productive. The gestation period of wild boar is only 4 months, and it is possible to work hard to have two litters a year. Wild boars can produce 4-12 wild boars in one litter, and with their amazing survival rate, two wild boars can develop a large herd within a few years. There is also a very important factor here, that is, the lack of natural enemies. There used to be tigers and leopards in most of the mountains and forests in my country, but unfortunately the South China tigers became extinct in the wild, and the leopards, wolves, jackals and other predators also disappeared in large numbers. . Wild boars in most parts of the country have no natural enemies and lack the inhibition of natural enemies, and their populations grow rapidly naturally. And in those areas where wild boars originally existed and later became extinct, after the ecological corridor is restored, the wild boars can also achieve the return of the population.

What are the dangers of wild boars?

The old saying "one pig, two bears and three tigers" means that wild boars are more dangerous to humans than bears and tigers. Although wild boars look similar to tame domestic pigs, their personalities are diametrically opposite. Wild boars are irritable, aggressive, and hostile to the appearance of people. In reality, many people have been seriously injured by wild boar attacks. For example, a director of Zengde Village, Shangmula Township, Litang County, was attacked by wild boars while patrolling the mountain, and he died unfortunately. The phenomenon of wild boar attacking people has appeared in many places. From 2014 to 2020, there were 10 incidents of wild boar attacking people in Ankang City, Shaanxi, resulting in 9 injuries and 1 death. In the first 10 months of 2018, Hong Kong received a total of 679 reports of wild boar-related nuisances, of which 5 attacked people. In addition to hurting people, the greater harm of wild boar is that it affects agricultural production. Wild boars are omnivores, they eat everything and like to go downhill in groups to steal crops in farmland. What's more, wild boars have strong social attributes, and their eating occasions are often accompanied by social activities. Not only eating crops, but also playing in the farmland, in just one night, a large farmland can be messed up. For example, in September 2006, more than 200 mu of crops were destroyed by wild boars in Songzi City, Hubei, and more than 100 farmers were affected. All in all, once the wild boar is overdone, it will bring almost a devastating blow to the crops.

Can professional hunting teams deal with 'wild boar disease'?

Due to the lack of hunting and killing of natural enemies, the most direct way to deal with the overdose of wild boars is to invite professional hunting teams to kill the wild boars artificially. For example, Zhejiang killed more than 1,360 wild boars in 2006, Hubei Yichang planned to kill 1,200 wild boars in 2007, Sichuan Tongjiang County planned to kill 750 wild boars in 2021, and Jinzhai County this time also invited hunting teams . So the question is, can professional hunters end the game and solve the "wild boar problem"? In fact, it is still difficult to "kill pigs". Wild boar is a very alert animal. It has a strong sense of smell. Often people have not noticed it before it finds humans and then runs away. There may be a hunting dream hidden in every man's heart, but when the ideal shines into reality, you will find that the real hunting is not as beautiful as imagined, but a chore. In addition to enduring high temperature, humidity, mosquito bites and other factors, there are also extremely high requirements for physical strength, endurance and experience. Throughout our country's farming and hunting teams, the members are generally older, and young people are reluctant to engage in it. This is a reality that has to be faced. In addition, hunting wild boars is very dangerous. During the hunting process in Tongjiang County, Sichuan, a precious hunting dog imported from abroad was killed by wild boars. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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