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The "skunk wolf" is like a fox and a wolf, with long legs with black silk, and a soak in urine can smoke people to the police

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The "skunk wolf" is like a fox and a wolf, with long legs with black silk, and a soak in urine can smoke people to the police

Visitors to a Brazilian church

In 1982, something strange happened in a church in Brazil, their trash was always turned over, but there was no homeless nearby Han Hui came to rummage through the trash in the middle of the night. In order to find out the "murderer", the church priests decided to hide behind the door quietly at night to observe. When night fell, a strange-looking animal appeared from the night. It looked a bit like a wolf dog, but it was covered in golden red, and the fur on the throat was white. The fox must be tall. Compared to its body, its legs are unreasonably slender and slender, the toes are black, as if wearing black stockings, and its tail is as fluffy as a fox. The priests in the church continued to observe and found that the animal's walking movements were a bit strange. The feet on one side of the body did not move alternately, but stretched forward at the same time. If it were a human being, it would be like a crutch. It approached without haste or slow, and although it walked "smoothly", it had an indescribable grace. Suddenly, the two big triangular ears on its head trembled, and then it turned its head vigilantly, as if aware of the secret spying of the priests, and turned its head and ran away without hesitation. When it runs, it does not look like a wolf and a fox, and with the black brown fur on the back of its neck, it looks more like a galloping horse. The priests had never seen this strange and beautiful animal, and since then began to put some clean food at the door, looking forward to its coming again. Slowly, the animal also began to appear at the door of the church many times, and then quietly enjoyed this free meal. This feeding has been going on for more than 40 years, and it has also become a sightseeing project. Many tourists come here to watch this animal up close, but the church requires them not to approach or feed it privately. More people came, and the identity of this animal was exposed. It was the maned wolf.

A vegetarian "wolf"

The maned wolf, also known as the Brazilian wolf, is a peculiar animal found only in South America and looks a bit like a red fox It is similar, but has four long legs, so it is also called the "fox on stilts". It is also the largest canid in South America and the tallest in the world. Although it is called the maned wolf, it is actually only a distant relative of the wolf, and it is not closely related to other animals of the canid family, and it cannot even be interbred with other canids, so they are considered to be the only ones that survived the extinction of the late Pleistocene. of South American canines. As the tallest canine maned wolf in the world, everyone must be wondering what amazing prey it usually hunts, but the truth is shocking. Maned wolves mainly hunt small rodents and mammals such as mice and rabbits, but their favorite food turns out to be fruit. Although wolves are carnivores, there are times when they are vegetarians, but the maned wolf with a wolf in the name takes vegetarianism to the extreme. More than half of the maned wolf's recipes are rich in water and sugar. In the rainy season, it eats tomatoes and cacti, and in the dry season, it mainly eats acai - the plant is named after them. The acai is golden and looks like a tomato, but tastes like an eggplant. . Meat is just a "dessert" for maned wolves after meals, and even eating too much meat will make them indigestion. In the past, when people just put the maned wolf in the zoo, they didn't know much about it, so they made an empirical mistake. They regarded it as a carnivore like wolves and foxes, and fed chickens, ducks, and fish every day. Got stones. The breeder is feeding the maned wolves. In 1999, a pair of maned wolves crossed the sea to Shanghai Zoo. They are friendly messengers from Brazil and the first pair of maned wolves kept on display in Asia. When people see the zoo feeding them dogs When I was getting food and fresh fruit, I still felt that the zoo was abusing them. It was not until I learned more about maned wolves that this misunderstanding was solved. There is no wolf fruit that they like to eat in Asia, but they found another delicious fruit here - banana, and they are also like people, knowing that the banana peel is not delicious, and only eats the banana flesh inside. The maned wolf has a new nickname "vegetarian wolf" after "the fox on stilts". I don't know if the banana-loving banana wolf in the cartoon "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" is based on them.

A pee alerts the police

In 2006, the Dutch police received a report that someone was smoking marijuana at the Rotterdam Zoo. , I did smell the smell of marijuana burning, but I couldn't find the so-called "marijuana smoker". Later, I found out that the smell of marijuana was actually a maned wolf urinating, and it was marking its territory with urine. Maned wolves are very territorial, but their urine smells very strange. In their urine, there is a chemical element that some people think is like hops, and some people think it is like burning marijuana. smell, so they are also called "skunk wolves". In addition to marking territory with urine, maned wolves also defecate at the door of the leafcutter ant's nest, achieving an alternative "symbiosis" with the leafcutter ant. Leafcutter ants are well-known "farm operators", they will move the maned wolf dung into the nest to be used as fertilizer, in order to cultivate a special fungus, these fungi are the food of the leafcutter ants, the leafcutter ants It is also the only creature other than humans that grows fungi. The maned wolf, which is vegetarian and likes to be vegetarian by leaf-cutting ants, has a large number of plant seeds in the feces. These seeds that cannot be used as fertilizer will be separated by the leaf-cutting ants and thrown out of the ant nest. After such a trip, the germination rate of these seeds Greatly increased, can provide more food for maned wolves in the future. Perhaps because of their vegetarian preference, maned wolves do not need to cooperate to capture large animals, so they are lone rangers among canids. Their partners are relatively fixed and usually share a territory, but maned wolves can only be seen during the breeding season. Couple living together. After giving birth to the cub and taking care of it for a year, the family of the maned wolf will fall apart, the cub will leave the place of birth to live alone, and the maned wolf couple will also be separated and try to avoid each other as much as possible. The maned wolf is very shy and will run away when frightened. Generally, it does not pose a direct threat to humans. Because of its appearance, people used to think that the maned wolf would steal poultry or kill cattle and sheep. Hunted maned wolves and used their eyes as lucky charms. But now this view has been proven wrong, instead, maned wolves also hunt some rodents that are harmful to agriculture. The maned wolf is also listed as a near-threatened species and has attracted attention, and nature reserves have been established in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and other countries to protect this graceful and beautiful animal. References "A Vegetarian Wolf" Wang Jingjing "Accompanying the Maned Wolf" Zhang Ruoyu


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