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Lion vs elephant, when the king of beasts meets the god of power, who will have the last laugh?

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Lion vs elephant, when the king of beasts meets the god of power, who will have the last laugh?

Lion vs elephant, one is the strongest king of all beasts on land, and the other is the largest terrifying giant on land. If these two beasts face each other hard, who will have the last laugh? In this video, the Director of the Exploration Bureau will decrypt it for you.

1. Participating players

There is no doubt that the two sides participating in this battle are different from the previous ones because of the geographical environment. They often meet in nature. Whether in India in Asia or in the African savannah, we have no shortage of scenes of two sides fighting in the wild. Although many cases will be divided by humans, so that it is difficult to see the ultimate winner; although many friends will think that elephants occupy a huge advantage in size and will become the ultimate winner, but the director believes that lions are the most expensive cat family. Brother, it is recognized that its combat power is the strongest among carnivores. In addition, what we cannot ignore is that one is a carnivore and the other is a herbivore, and there is a world of difference in aggression and killing techniques. Since ancient times, lions have been given the title of "king of beasts" by humans. Because of their powerful fighting power, handsome appearance and submissive temperament, they have become the animals we admire and admire the most. Unlike its younger brother, the tiger, the lion has always maintained the healthy development of the ecosystem in its territory, and all animals in its territory willingly submit to its leadership. Tigers are different. They see whoever eats whoever they eat, and they don’t even have bones left. Of course, all the animals in their territory hate them, but they dare to be angry but dare not speak; It is a genocide, and although the tiger has a large habitat, it is very difficult to prey. Elephants have always been the largest animals on land. According to historical records, elephants have long become friends of humans and can help humans. They've always been symbols of peace, so when humans promote the concept of "friendliness," elephants appear on the cover from time to time. And in the zoo, because elephants are very smart and approachable, they are loved by many audiences. But if you think the elephant is a docile animal, then you are dead wrong! Wild elephants, especially males, are extremely aggressive. During the Three Kingdoms period, they were even used by the barbarian leader Meng Huo to deal with the Shu army, making Zhuge Liang, who was extremely intelligent, at a loss for a while. In modern times, it is not uncommon for them to attack and kill people.

2. Analysis of Combat Strength

The reason why lions and elephants can be reckless in the face of other animals is the underlying foundation of their strong confidence in combat power . So, what weapons do they have to support combat power? Let's start with the lion. The adult African male lion is currently the largest wild lion in the world, with a body length of 3.3 meters, a standing shoulder height of 1.3 meters, and a weight between 220-300 kilograms. As a cat, the lion's muscles are very developed, which leads to its strong athletic ability, good agility, strong explosiveness, and bouncing and movement are their advantages; Standing long jump of 14 meters, the maximum speed can reach 85km/h. On offensive weapons, their canines are 10.3 cm long and can generate 1,000 pounds of force per bite. At the same time, their other killing weapon is their claws, which are 7.4 cm long and can easily pierce the heart of their prey. On the defensive end, their greatest shield is their mighty thick mane, which no animal can choke. Adult male African elephants are larger than Asian elephants, with a body length of about 8 meters, a shoulder height of 3-4 meters, and a weight of 6-8 tons. Seeing this size, I have to say that the elephant is indeed the largest animal on land. As the only elephants in the world, their maximum speed is only 24km/h due to their huge size. However, elephants are mainly herbivorous. Although their muscle density is not very high, their endurance is very good. In addition to their size, the most impressive thing about elephants is their long and large teeth. These machetes can be up to 3.3 meters long. Once stabbed by an elephant, they will definitely pierce the body. Contrary to the inflexibility of ivory, an elephant's trunk is so flexible that it can not only whip enemies, but also roll up branches as weapons. In addition, they usually smash enemies into flesh. Although they have little hair on their bodies, elephant hides are thick and have a certain defensive effect.

3. The Ultimate Battle

Did you expect a jaw-dropping outcome when these two iconic wild animals decided to show off each other? Perhaps the results will be quite drastic, as lions and elephants are known for their enormous size and strength. So who will be the winner in this battle of blood and power? To find out, let's witness the fierce battle! In a spine-tingling video, when a lion suddenly jumps on an elephant's back, The elephant was startled. The king of beasts made no secret of his strength, and pierced the elephant's neck with hard teeth from the back. It didn't let go and followed the elephant until it fell to the ground. However, the elephant didn't seem ready to give up easily and stood up again while the lion was still on its back. Then the elephant started running again, trying to avoid the lion's slaughter. After a while, the lion could not keep his balance and slipped off the elephant's back. Do you think the mighty lion will accept defeat and let the elephant escape from its clutches? Please keep watching the video until you find the answer at the end. The lion seemed so hungry that it continued to follow the elephant. Moments later, the lion grabbed the elephant's tail and tried to jump on the other's back. In doing so, the lion's paw rubbed the elephant's belly, and then bit the poor elephant's back with its hard teeth. The elephant screamed in pain, but it didn't give up, but kept walking. After a while, the lion twisted and knocked the elephant to the ground. Finally, the elephant gets tired and becomes very vulnerable! The lion thought it was a perfect opportunity, so he pounced on it and pierced its neck with its hard teeth. As if that wasn't enough, another lion joined the hunt, grabbing the helpless elephant's leg. Not dead yet, the elephants tried to break free from their tight bondage in a last desperate attempt. However, nothing could stop the pair of lions, because they were strong enough and too hungry to have decided to eat the elephant. We know that once the lions make up their minds, no one can escape their clutches, including Siberian tigers and polar bears! They immobilized the elephant with their strong claws, and one of the lions began to feed from the elephant's neck. The majestic elephant soon lost his life, while the lion still defended the glory of the "king of beasts". From this video, we can easily see that this poor elephant cannot compete with the lion at all. The only way for an elephant to save its own life is to try not to leave the group, otherwise it will only become a lion's appetizer! So, in the end, the Commissioner came to the conclusion that the lion would have a 55% chance of defeating the elephant. Do you agree with the Secretary's analysis and conclusions? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area.


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