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A meerkat cub is left alone and is targeted by a ferocious eagle. Can it escape?

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A meerkat cub is left alone and is targeted by a ferocious eagle. Can it escape?


When the enemy is attacking from high altitude, what should the small creatures in the ground do?

This newborn meerkat, unfortunately lost with its mother when danger came, stood alone on the huge grassland to avoid the eagle's attack, and only roared helplessly. On the grassland, the mother meerkat took her children to practice hunting and eating on the grassland. Standing just 12 inches tall, the meerkat, also known as the meerkat, is a small, flower-faced mammal that inhabits one of the hottest and driest regions on Earth. However, as one of the mongooses, this cute, precocious and gregarious animal has a violent temperament enough to kill a cobra. In this grassland, in addition to the meerkats, there are many birds that are hunting, enjoying each other and filling their stomachs with their own efforts. But everyone does not know that the danger is coming quietly. High in the sky, an eagle spotted a small animal on the ground. It saw the timing, swooped down at high speed, and opened its sharp eagle claws, trying to catch a little guy from the ground. However, the small animals on the ground spread out for the first time and ran to the woods ahead from different directions. Among them, the mongoose family was included, and the little mongoose escaped successfully with the protection and help of the adult mongoose. But in the panic, there will always be accidents, and a little meerkat is lost with its mother. It stayed alone on the grassland, craned its neck and looked around but could not see the familiar family. The little meerkat barked helplessly, hoping to attract his mother with the bark. But it is also lucky. After the eagle missed a hunt, it turned its attention to other animals, and did not find the little meerkat on the grassland. The helpless little meerkat barked in place for a while, after confirming that the mother would not come. It decided to take the initiative to find its mother, and the little meerkat followed the direction of the mother's escape and ran over carefully. It stopped while running, constantly looking for the mother's movements. After arriving in the woods, perhaps it was because the mother and son had a good heart, the little meerkat managed to find his mother, and hurriedly rushed over to his mother's arms. #wonderful animals#

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