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The owner does not wake up from a hangover and delays feeding. The dog brought the rice bowl and fell on the bedroom floor: Get up and feed

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The owner does not wake up from a hangover and delays feeding. The dog brought the rice bowl and fell on the bedroom floor: Get up and feed

In the past, most of the domestic dogs were raised to watch the home and nursing homes. They were cautious and obedient, and seldom "followed". And now the pet dogs are really getting better and better. Relying on the owner's favor, they are coquettish and cute, and some even dare to lose their temper at the owner. No, a man didn't feed the Samoyed at home in time two days ago. It actually took the rice bowl and ran to the owner's bed to ask the teacher to ask the guilt! The cause of the incident was that the man drank alcohol the night before and then did not wake up from a hangover, so he did not get up the next day, and he did not feed the pets at home. The two cats and one dog waited and waited, but they couldn't wait for their master to come out. The dog finally couldn't bear it anymore, picked up his rice bowl, and aggressively broke into the man's bedroom. I saw it entered the bedroom door, threw the rice bowl directly on the floor beside the bed, and then flapped its tail and howled at the man, trying to wake him up to feed him. Not to mention that this stainless steel rice bowl looks very ordinary, but it actually smashed a gong like the appearance of a Henan Opera, which made Samoyed look like a Wudan on the battlefield. Seeing that Big Dog was making a fuss, the cats also sneaked into the bedroom and began to circle around the man, sitting down from time to time to give him a "death stare", but unfortunately the eye-killing didn't work. Seeing that the owner was still awake, the dog jumped onto the bed and lay on the man's head. This Samoyed was already fat and strong, and with fluffy hair, the huge body immediately covered the man's face in all directions. The man was finally woken up by the dog, but unfortunately he was still suffering from a headache due to being drunk, so he lifted the dog to the end of the bed in a daze, and then continued to fall asleep. The dog who was pushed to the side looked incredulous. After complaining a few words of grievances while the cats were watching, he stepped forward and raised his nose to the man's face and barked. This time, the man had to wake up. It's just that when he got up and looked at the naughty dog ​​again, it was already obediently lying on the owner's stomach, pretending that it had done nothing. Seeing the bowl-smashing dog who was ridiculed by a man as a robber who entered the house, netizens laughed and said: Buy a stone garlic masher weighing a few pounds as a rice bowl, so you don't have to worry about it being eaten everywhere! The dogs who come to beg for food are really cute, but Xiao Ming, the veterinarian, still wants to remind everyone that although it is not a big problem for pets to be hungry occasionally, they cannot eat irregularly for a long time, otherwise it will affect their digestion and absorption. Seriously It can also induce gastrointestinal diseases. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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