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The man was feeding stray cats in the community, and a group came over after a while: I have fed it many times, and I am familiar with it

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The man was feeding stray cats in the community, and a group came over after a while: I have fed it many times, and I am familiar with it

There are many kinds of people in this world, some of them work tirelessly to serve the people; some teach and educate people and irrigate the flowers of the motherland; while some are the "saviours" of stray animals, dedicating everything to the furry children. Just like the guy in the story below, he is the light in the eyes of stray cats in the community. A touching scene This day, when the young lady was waiting downstairs, she saw such a scene not far away: a man squatting on the curb of the community and feeding the surrounding cats. At first, she thought that these cats were raised by men, so she was so close to him, but the next picture made people feel a sense of respect. Seeing cats running from all directions, the woman realized that these cats were all stray cats. They are like "refugees" who come to receive relief from well-wishers. After a while, after all the cats were full, their faces were filled with "satisfaction", as if to say that they were finally not so hungry. And the people around, as young as 10-year-old girls, as big as 20-year-old guys, couldn't help but stop and admire this picture, they must think it is very beautiful. He is the "light" in the eyes of stray cats. Later, the young lady asked passers-by about the origin of this guy, and only then did she know that he would come to feed stray cats every three or five years, so every time he came, all the stray cats in the community would surround him. come over. Every time a man comes, he will prepare enough cat food and some homemade "cat meal" to let the stray cats eat enough. Strange to say, the stray cats in the community only came out at night to hunt for food, but since the man fed them, they dared to come out during the day. However, they are still not relatives. They only get together when the boys come. Because, only the guy is the person they can trust. I hope that more people can join the big family of helping stray cats. Later, Miss Sister shared the pictures of men feeding stray cats on the Internet. She hopes that there will be more such kind people. Afterwards, many netizens responded one after another, feeling that the man is very kind, saying that someone who can let the cat off guard must have a good heart. But at the same time, some netizens said that if you just feed stray cats instead of neutering them, it would be better not to feed them. Veterinarian Xiao Ming thinks that everyone's ability is limited. I believe that if the guy has this ability, he will be willing to sterilize the cats. However, it is already very good to be able to persist in rescuing stray cats. Message: Rescuing stray animals is never a matter of one person, and we should not accuse anyone from the commanding heights of morality. Some people can have a kind heart, it is already very valuable. When blaming others, ask yourself, what have you done? Of course, veterinarian Xiao Ming also advocates that if you like stray cats and you have the conditions, you can consider neutering stray cats. Only by reducing the number of stray cats will fewer hairy children be born and suffer. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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