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Grandma feeds the dog on the street, and shoves the spoonfuls into Wang's mouth: the picture is a little familiar

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Grandma feeds the dog on the street, and shoves the spoonfuls into Wang's mouth: the picture is a little familiar

Everyone must have had the experience of being taken by grandma when they were young: obviously not hungry, grandma still insisted on stuffing food into your mouth; obviously not cold, grandma insisted on adding clothes to you. That's why there is a joke like "there is a kind of love that tells grandma to think about you". Now, seeing their grandchildren grow up, many grandmothers have also transferred this love to their pets. For example, the dog in the following story is experiencing such a thing. Come, open your mouth and eat! Miss and sister live in Chongqing, and the local temperature has been high for a while. When she went out that day, she saw the next door neighbor's grandma sitting on the ground feeding her dog. According to my grandmother, it is probably because the weather is too hot, so the dog has no appetite, and does not eat much every day. As for my grandmother, I was afraid that the dog would not be healthy if it continued like this for a long time, so she fed the dog by herself. I saw my grandma wrapping the dog in her arms with one hand, so that it couldn't run, and at the same time holding a huge bowl. The other hand, holding a spoon, digs rice spoon by spoon and stuffs it into the dog's mouth. That scene made the young lady feel familiar, and she suddenly remembered the fear of being dominated by her grandmother when she was a child. Damn, after so many years, the familiar taste is back. Wang: I was really full and I watched my grandma feed the food with a big spoon, but the dog didn't even have a chance to refuse it, so he could only open his mouth and swallow a spoonful of rice into his stomach. After a while, it is estimated that the dog will eat almost. Maybe it really couldn't eat it, so he put his head away, as if to tell grandma that he was full. But grandma is grandma, and regardless of whether the dog is really full, he still dug up a large spoonful of rice and continued to stuff it into the dog's mouth. Seeing this scene, the little sister suddenly felt a little distressed for the dog. Grandma's love was too suffocating for the dog. The love from grandma. Later, after the little sister shared the video of grandma feeding the dog to the Internet, many netizens were also amused by the operation of grandma. They all exclaimed, no wonder all the pets raised by grandma have grown into "pigs" by accident. With such a feeding method, whoever is fed can not gain weight. However, some netizens said that although grandma's love is sometimes suffocating, they all miss the taste. After all, some people's grandma is no longer there, and no one treats them so well. To be honest, veterinarian Xiao Ming also thinks this picture is very familiar. Everyone should have experienced such a moment. Although the feeling of being forced by others is really bad, I really miss it. Message: Although grandma feeding dogs like this looks interesting, veterinarian Xiao Ming still wants to say that it is not recommended to feed dogs in this way. Such a large spoonful of rice is fed to the dog's mouth, and it swallows it before it has time to chew, which is not conducive to the dog's digestion. In addition, it is not recommended to feed too much human food. After all, the salt content in human meals is high, and pets eat too much, which is not good for their kidneys. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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