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Why these 5 kinds of dogs can't be admitted to "civil servants", the reasons are more strange than the other

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Why these 5 kinds of dogs can't be admitted to "civil servants", the reasons are more strange than the other

Police dogs are simply a profession with added glory. They can be called "civil servants" in the dog world, but there are not many dog ​​breeds that can become police dogs. Why are some dogs so good that they can't be admitted to "civil servants"? Just like the following 5 kinds of dogs, it is regrettable that they are not selected, and the reasons are more strange than each other.

Tibetan Mastiff

Campaign Advantage: Fierce can bluff people Reason for defeat: Fear that it will make its own people "gah" "The Tibetan Mastiff used to be the guard dog of the Tibetan people. It is very deterrent, large in size, and very aggressive. However, it is less dependent on people and is difficult to be domesticated. Therefore, becoming a police dog can indeed defeat the enemy. , I am afraid that it will "quack" its own people, and it will not only go crazy and kill randomly, the risk factor is high!

Chinese Pastoral Dog

Campaign Advantage: Excellent adaptability Reason for failure: No team battle with brothers, do it yourself However, the Chinese pastoral dog, as the closest native dog in China, has strong adaptability and is very suitable for camouflage. But in fact, its fighting ability is not very good. Although it is relatively good at guarding homes, as a police dog, it really lacks shortcomings. Otherwise, it is called to fight.


Campaign advantage: IQ ranked first Reason for losing: Bianmu is too high in IQ, as an IQ The number one dog breed is even more praised as "a dog is a dog, and a border shepherd is a border shepherd". But it loses because it is too smart, it will not put itself in danger, when you call it up, it may give you a wink: You have weapons, why can't you go up?

Golden Retriever

Campaign Advantage: Strong tracking ability Reason for losing: Good man Golden Retriever has a lot of relatively strong jobs Ability, but its personality is too friendly and friendly, everyone looks like a good person, if you let it attack, it will think again and again: Are you sure it is him? This guy doesn't look like a bad guy. Moreover, the Golden Retriever's attack power and self-control are really not strong. As a police dog, he must have strong self-control and the ability to fight. The golden retriever has poor self-control, is easily attracted to new things or food, and is easily abducted and lost. If the pet owner of the golden retriever wants to improve the golden retriever's self-control, he can train it more with snacks to make it more obedient.


Election advantages: Super physical strength Reason for losing the election: It is easy to betray Huskies and demolish their families. The Siberian Husky is energetic and has a strong physical strength. But it is still not suitable for being a police dog (in fact, I have tried it), it is too happy, it is easy to desert when training, and it is easy to betray at the most critical time! Moreover, the husky's physical quality is not very good. It has a glass stomach. Improper diet is prone to gastrointestinal diseases. It is recommended that the pet owner who raises it should choose a dog food that is easy to digest and cares for the stomach. Conclusion: What qualities do you think a police dog must have?


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