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Dogs regard pet shops as "enemy of life", and these psychology are hidden behind

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Dogs regard pet shops as "enemy of life", and these psychology are hidden behind

It is often seen that dogs and pet owners "pull to the limit" at the door of the pet store, because the dogs are unwilling to enter the pet store, and even unwilling to walk down the road of the pet store. The whole body is full of resistance and fear. So why is the dog so afraid of pet shops and regards it as the "enemy of life"? These psychology are hidden behind. "I don't want to be a canary" pet stores will have many cages, and dogs are naturally longing for freedom. They don't like being locked in cages, and they are kept as "canaries" in captivity, so they will regard pet stores as "The Enemy of Life". "What's this smell? It's too bad!" Dogs are very sensitive to smells, and can clearly capture the smell of some toiletries in pet stores, as well as strangers and dogs. The nose is a great stimulus, and it finds it difficult to accept, so it must "swear to death". "He rubs his back too hard!" Some dogs don't like pet stores, maybe because they have been violently treated by the store staff, which leads to a bad experience and resistance to the dogs, so pets choose service attitudes for dogs A good pet store, you have to wash and care, and pay attention to the dog's mood and whether there are any scars on the body. "Master, I can't live without you!" Dogs are very dependent on their owners. Generally, pet owners will leave if they send the dog to a pet store for care, or send it to foster care, and if the dog can't see the owner, it will be afraid of being abandoned. So, when you see a pet store, you want to run away. "I hate bathing humming" Some dogs don't like bathing themselves, and they are also very refined. They know that every time they go to the pet store, they can't escape the bath, so they will be wronged and will not step into the pet store. , and the pet owner vigorously struggled. If the dog is afraid of taking a bath, the pet owner can accompany him and prepare delicious treats for him to divert his attention and make him less afraid. If the dog really resists going to the pet store, the pet owner can also consider taking care of the dog at home (if conditions permit), be sure to use a pet-specific detergent, and you can help it brush and straighten while taking a bath. Hair, of course, usually need to be brushed more often. You can also feed your dog more foods that have beauty and skin care effects, such as carrots, salmon, egg yolk, animal liver, etc. The staple food can also be fed with dog food containing deep-sea fish oil. Conclusion: How does your dog react when he hears that he is going to the pet store?


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