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How to properly deworm a cat?

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How to properly deworm a cat?

It is very important to deworm cats, because parasites can seriously affect the health of cats and even threaten their lives. More importantly, many parasites in cats are zoonotic, that is, they can also infect people, so if they are not killed in time, they are easy to be bitten all over... 1. What are the parasites on cats 1. Internal parasites Cat internal parasites are the general term for parasites that live in cats. There are many types of these parasites, the more common are roundworms, tapeworms, flukes, filariasis, hookworms and so on. 2. External parasites The external parasites of cats are the general term for external parasites that live on the surface of cats. There are also many external parasites, the more common ones are fleas, ticks, lice, mites and so on. 2. What problems should be paid attention to in deworming cats 1. Cats can be dewormed after six weeks of age. Generally, cats can not be dewormed until they are six weeks old, and some deworming medicines can only be used after two months of age. Cats before six weeks of age are too young to be dewormed and are prone to overdose poisoning. 2. It is recommended to start deworming for cats. It is recommended to deworm cats continuously, usually once a month for three consecutive months. In order to achieve the goal of completely eliminating all parasites from the very beginning, after thorough deworming, the deworming plan can be determined according to the actual situation. 3. Temporary strengthening of deworming when worms are found. If parasites are found on the cat, such as external parasites on the skin or eggs in the stool. Then make sure that the cat is indeed infected with parasites. At this time, a temporary deworming is required. It is recommended to perform a deworming immediately, and then strengthen it once a week. Of course, some anthelmintic drugs can stay in the body fat layer for up to a month, so this kind of anthelmintic drugs can be used once. 4. Make a daily deworming plan. Determine the deworming plan according to the specific situation of your cat, rather than blindly follow the tutorial to deworm once a month or a few months. It is generally recommended that cats never go out, the owner does not touch other cats, there are no other pets at home, there are no mice, flies, and mosquitoes, and deworming in vitro and in vivo is enough for three months. The cat occasionally goes out, the owner occasionally bases on other cats, there are other animals at home, and there are not many pests, etc., it is enough to deworm once in 2 months in vitro and in vivo. Cats often go out to play and come into contact with other cats. The owner also comes into contact with other cats and animals. There are many animals at home, and there are many mosquitoes in summer. It is recommended to deworm once a month outside the body and once every 1-2 months inside the body. 5. Special parasites are handed over to professionals. Some parasites are very troublesome to handle. Improper handling by individuals can lead to danger. The most typical is the heartworm. Because the heartworm is parasitic in the heart, it cannot be killed with anthelmintics after it becomes an adult. If it has developed to the adult stage, killing it with deworming medicine will bring the cat's life to danger. 5. Deworming drugs can be considered to start deworming, and some of them are safe. However, the anthelmintic drugs that deworm both inside and outside the body are generally biased towards a certain aspect, some are biased towards deworming in vivo, and some are biased towards deworming in vitro. If you want to fully deworm, it is recommended to buy special internal and external deworming drugs. The deworming of cats is a major event, which must be paid attention to. The harm of parasites to cats is still very great. More importantly, many cat parasites can infect humans. Therefore, we must pay attention to the deworming of cats, for the health of cats, and for themselves!

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