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How do dogs find their owners when they get lost? For the dog, please fasten the leash

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How do dogs find their owners when they get lost? For the dog, please fasten the leash

It is very common for a dog to get lost. When a dog gets lost, not only the owner will look for the dog, but the dog will also look for its own owner. How do dogs find their owners when they get lost? Let me tell you today! ①Will wait for the owner to return in the same place. The current pet dog is actually not stupid. It knows that it has been lost, and the owner will definitely come back to find him, so it will never run around after getting lost, and will just wait for the owner to look for him. . And most owners do look back right away, so it's easy to find their dog. But if your dog is lost in a cluttered environment, the dog may not be waiting in place. ②The sense of smell of dogs is much stronger than that of humans, so some dogs will smell everywhere after getting lost, hoping to collect the smell of their owner, so as to follow the smell to find the owner. But now the smells outside are mixed, gasoline smell, road exposure smell, all kinds of food smell, it is easy for the dog to not smell the owner's smell. ③Prick up your ears. After getting lost, some dogs will find a quieter place, then prick their ears and monitor the surrounding sounds to see if they can hear the owner calling their name. After all, many owners shout their dog's name loudly after the dog gets lost, hoping to make the dog hear it and return to him. ④Find your own home. I don’t know if you have heard the saying: A dog goes home after a thousand miles. Some dogs can find their way home even after they get lost because they remember the way home. However, only when the dog is often taken on the way home will the dog remember it. If the dog seldom walks the way home, the dog will definitely not be able to find it home.

For the dog, put on a leash!

In fact, in many cases, the dog is lost because the pet owner has not fastened the leash, so that the dog is not restrained. In fact, a certain restraint is for the good of the dog, and tying the dog with a leash can avoid many accidents. Therefore, pet owners must tie the dog on a leash when they go out. It is recommended to train the dog to adapt to the leash from a young age. You can use snacks during training, so that the dog will be more cooperative. Conclusion: Has your dog ever been lost? How did you get it back?


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