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4 kittens were boxed and thrown into the river, but fortunately they were rescued by kind-hearted people: they were all newborn kittens

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4 kittens were boxed and thrown into the river, but fortunately they were rescued by kind-hearted people: they were all newborn kittens

A few days ago, a news that "4 kittens were artificially dragged around the mother cat's neck" hit a hot search. Many people express their incomprehension. If it is said that adult cats have affected your life and cannot tolerate them, then what did the newborn kittens do wrong and were treated like this? However, it has not been a few days since the news. No, four more kittens were packed in cardboard boxes and thrown into the river. Who threw a cardboard box from the bridge? This story takes place in Luzhou, Sichuan. One day, the boy and his brother were fishing quietly under the bridge when they suddenly heard a "pop" and a cardboard box fell from the bridge into the river, which shocked them all. At first they thought someone was littering, but then the catcalls from the cardboard box made them realize it wasn't that simple. Seeing that the carton was sinking so fast, a few cats slipped out of the carton and fluttered vigorously. Considering that the river was not deep, and that I was ok with water, I quickly took off my clothes and went down the river. When he swam to the cardboard box, he found four kittens that were just born. Looking for a good-hearted person to adopt the boy, he picked up the little guys one by one, put them in the palm of his hand and rescued them ashore, and found a towel to help them wipe the water clean. "Who is so cruel?" Seeing the kitten's eyes closed and "meow" meowing, the young man was very heartbroken, so putting them in a cardboard box and throwing them into the river is tantamount to killing. After the kittens were dried, the guy looked at them carefully. They were all idyllic cats, including orange cats and civet cats. Although they were not valuable, they looked cute. The most important thing right now is to find a home for them as soon as possible. So after taking some pictures of cats, I uploaded them to the Internet and waited for news. Not long after the 2 cubs were brought home by the young lady, the guy's social platform exploded, and many netizens contacted him to express their desire to adopt. The guy was also very moved in his heart. Although people who abandoned cats are hateful, there are still many good-hearted people, so I chose a young lady with experience in raising cats among the many people who wanted to adopt. The girl is attentive and kind. I'm sure I can take the responsibility of raising a cat. It is also a coincidence that the day when the kitten was rescued happened to be the 100th day since the boy's daughter was born, so it was a bit of a fate. He hoped that if the original owner could see the video he posted, he would not do this kind of thing in the future. Even giving the kitten away would be better than throwing it in the water. After all, it was a living life. Thanks kind people! After reading this story, veterinarian Xiao Ming was very moved. Thanks to the guy, the kittens had the opportunity to take a good look at the world and not be strangled in the cradle. Message: Whether it is a cat or a dog, they are all living beings, and their value should not be measured by money. Don't the pastoral cats deserve to live? of course not! If you disliked their bad breed in the first place, then don't give birth to cats, otherwise you should keep them well. In addition, the veterinarian Xiao Ming really wanted to ask, was there really no emotion in his heart when he threw the box off the bridge? Has the conscience never been troubled? The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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