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The thin stray dog ​​came to the door for help, but Lai refused to go in the car: I really want to have a home

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The thin stray dog ​​came to the door for help, but Lai refused to go in the car: I really want to have a home

Pets are often overlooked because they are too small, and they actually have emotions. When you are happy, you will laugh; when you are sad, you will be sad. The source of their emotions is actually mostly from the owner. If a pet is abandoned by its owner one day, it will leave a lot of scars on their life. Like the dog in the story below, even if the trauma is healed, what about the heartbreak? It will leave scars forever. Why are you refusing to leave? The story takes place in Weihai, Shandong. One day in mid-to-late August, after the woman drove out to pick up the courier, she just opened the door to move things, and she didn't know where a dog ran into her, so she got into the car and refused to get out. The woman looked at it carefully: it looked like a golden retriever, it was wet, it was too thin, and there was only a skeleton all over her body, which made people feel very distressed. "Come down, come down quickly." Facing this sudden dog, the woman was a little overwhelmed. How to call it, it was all attached to the car. At this time, the woman also thought of a point: maybe the original owner was the one who It was dropped from the car. It is not a solution to let it stay in the car like this, and then the woman brought the dog food from the family and put it in front of it. Sure enough, the stray dog ​​was moved, and it could be seen that in the face of this long-lost delicacy, it couldn't resist. can you stay with me? It got off the car tremblingly, unable to stand still. After reluctantly eating the dog food, there was a scene that made the woman especially helpless. No matter where the woman went, it followed wherever she went, not leaving an inch, for fear The woman threw it away, her eyes full of longing: can you stay with me? But what it doesn't know is that a kind woman has long planned to adopt it from her heart. Originally, she had a dog and a cat at home, and she could afford an extra one, so she didn't have to worry about leaving it alone. Since the day when the woman picked up the dog is the God of Wealth Festival, plus the old saying "dogs come rich", so the dog is named "Laifu", hoping that it will bring more blessings to the family. On the third day of adopting Lai Fu, the woman took it to the pet shop to take a bath and also checked its health by the way. Fortunately, the owner of the pet store said that Laifu has no major problems, not even skin diseases. The only bad thing is that he is too thin, but it is not very important. It will be good to recover later. In addition, the boss also said, congratulations to the woman who found the treasure, the dog is a Labrador. In fact, for a woman, the breed of the dog is not important to her. She also has a small dog at home. In her heart, all dogs are equally cute. It's getting better day by day. Now, it's the sixteenth day of adopting the dog. Seeing that Laifu's body and bones are also stronger, his mental state is also good, and he is no longer in a state of slack. He started to play on his own, got along well with the aboriginal people in his home, and would no longer follow behind a woman, he was completely accustomed to the home. Seeing the dog like this, the woman also felt relieved. No matter what its previous experience was, it will never suffer in the future. Harmful, veterinarian Xiao Ming also sincerely happy for the dog, maybe it has experienced bad things, but from the moment he met the woman, his fate has been completely rewritten. Thank you, woman, for letting Mao children no longer have to be displaced. Message: The abandonment of the owner is undoubtedly a huge harm to the pet. So since we have pets, we should be responsible for their lives. In any case, pets should not be thrown away like trash. Because they are also independent living beings. I hope that after raising pets, you can also consider the feelings of pets, instead of just treating them as an animal. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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