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After the car was parked in the open air, the car was torn by a stray dog. The woman was helpless: there is meat in it, right?

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After the car was parked in the open air, the car was torn by a stray dog. The woman was helpless: there is meat in it, right?

Although stray cats and dogs are very spiritual and know how to express gratitude to those who help them, they are only animals after all, and they can also do things that raise blood pressure without being taught by anyone. Two days ago, a woman shared an unfortunate incident she encountered on the Internet: the car jacket of her car was torn by a dog. The woman said that she was recently forced to stay at home due to the epidemic. Since she did not go out for a long time, she put a car jacket on her car parked in the open air to prevent it from getting dirty. But this day, she suddenly received photos and videos sent to her by other owners: a big dog was biting the cover of her car while she was away! In the video, a white-haired and gray-spotted dog started from the front of the car, biting the corner of the car’s jacket and desperately retreating until a gap was torn, and then pulled the fabric to the other side. On the ground next to the car, there was another brown-haired dog lying on the ground, but it did not join in the sabotage, but stayed aside with relish, watching every move of his companions to watch the show. The owner who took the video may have been frightened by the crazy appearance of the dogs, so he did not dare to drive them away, but took a picture of the evidence that the car jacket was damaged and sent it to the woman. By the time the two dogs left, the front of the car had been damaged so much that it could not bear to look directly at it. Not only was the broken car clothing fabric dragged on the ground, but the exposed body was also covered with scratches and dents. The woman who didn't know whether to laugh or cry began to look for the owner of this flower dog, but found that it was a stray dog ​​after looking around. If there is no owner, there is no compensation, which really makes a poor life even worse. The woman pondered again, the car was parked in the parking space, the property must have some responsibility, so she asked the property for an explanation. As a result, the property responded that the parking fee in this neighborhood is cheap, so I don't care about it. Seeing that there was really no way, the woman could only admit that she was unlucky, posted the incident on the Internet and complained a lot. Everyone laughed and said that the dog was not pleasing to the eye when the car was dressed; there were also netizens who liked supernatural things to frighten the woman, saying that the dog would only dismantle the car when it saw dirt on the car... Veterinarian Xiao Ming felt that the dog did not take the fabric away, indicating that he did not want to Use it as a nest. Since the car has been parked for a long time, the dog has probably urinated on the tires to mark it. Suddenly seeing the car wrapped in cloth, the dog may feel that this is a violation of its territory, so it "kills" the car cover. No grievances or hatred, stray animals generally do not deliberately do bad things to humans; if they do, then it is very likely that they themselves do not know it is a bad thing. After all, they are just small animals, and it is normal for them to be good or bad without human supervision. Therefore, as human beings, we should be responsible for the pets we have raised, and advocate adoption instead of purchasing and sterilization of stray animals, so as to effectively reduce the number of stray cats and dogs. disputes and frictions. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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