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After falling below 8 meters, Poyang Lake entered the extremely dry water level, and the "tree of the earth" was shocked. Why is this happening?

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After falling below 8 meters, Poyang Lake entered the extremely dry water level, and the "tree of the earth" was shocked. Why is this happening?

Poyang Lake is a lake in the Yangtze River Basin. It has the title of the largest freshwater lake in China, which shows its importance. It has a great role in regulating the water level of the Yangtze River, conserving water sources, and improving the local climate. Every summer, due to frequent thunderstorms, it is a flood season for many rivers and lakes, and we should pay attention to flood control. But this year is a little unusual. Poyang Lake has experienced a phenomenon of anti-drying during the flood season, and the water level has dropped rapidly. It was originally intended for flood control, but became drought-resistant. Looking around, the surface of the lake that should have been sparkling and blue, turned into a thousand miles of red, exposing the tidal flat, and some fish were directly sun-dried into small dried fish. In fact, not only my country, but the entire northern hemisphere has been affected by high temperature and drought this year. For example, in Norway, which is famous for its hydropower, the electricity generated by hydropower is too much to be used up in previous years, and it is directly exported to foreign countries. However, due to the drought this year, the power generation has dropped sharply, and the country is not enough. It even warned that the possibility of power cuts in the spring of next year would not be ruled out. Another example is the Netherlands. In previous years, flood control was underway in this season, but this year it has also become drought-resistant. The Yangtze River Basin has been greatly affected, and what is even more worrying is that it may have an unimaginable impact on the entire ecology of Poyang Lake due to the "reverse dry season".

Falling below 8 meters, Poyang Lake entered extremely dry water level

Because of the lack of water from the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the recent high temperature and little rainfall Under the joint influence, the water level of Poyang Lake continued to decline. This year was the first year to enter the dry season in 71 years, breaking the lowest water level recorded since 1951. As of 8:00 on September 6, 2022, the water level of Poyang Lake Xingzi Station was 7.99 meters, and the water level of Duchang Station was 7.97 meters, both of which have fallen below the 8-meter mark, and dropped 0.15 meters in one day, indicating that Poyang Lake has officially entered the extremely dry water level. You must know that when Poyang Lake was in the flood season, the area of ​​the Tongjiang water body in the lake area could reach more than 4,125 square kilometers, but now there are only 310 square kilometers left, a "shrinking" of about 92.5%. According to the forecast of the Jiujiang Meteorological Department, the average rainfall in September in Jiujiang City was less than the same period of the previous year, and the drought is expected to continue. The Ministry of Water Resources also issued a flood and drought report on the 5th. In autumn, the drought in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake areas is expected to continue to develop. Climate change has caused abnormal phenomena in Poyang dialect, turning the wet season into a dry season, which has had a great impact on agricultural production and the ecological environment. But at this time, it is the "gluttonous field" for summer migratory birds. Poyang Lake is home to a large number of rare birds and waterfowl, which mainly feed on fish and shrimp in the lake. Affected by the drought, the water level has receded, leaving fish and shrimp on the tidal flats and low-lying areas, allowing these waterbirds to pick up food effortlessly, and most waterbirds eat their stomachs bulging.

The tree of the earth appears, spectacular but not beautiful

Due to the drop of water level, the beach is exposed. Under the combination of lake water, beach and aquatic plants, as early as August , Poyang Lake shows the spectacular scenery of the "tree of the earth". The flowing water rips the tidal flat like branches and trunks, from the crown to the branches, everything is lifelike, making people have to sigh the magic of nature. However, although the scenery of the "tree of the earth" is spectacular, it is not beautiful. Some people even say that it is the exposed blood vessels of the mother earth. Everyone knows that the reason why the "tree of the earth" can appear is because it is too dry. For summer migratory birds, entering the dry season in advance allows them to eat with a bulging belly and foraging without effort. This is definitely not a good thing for winter migratory birds. Compared with the small fish that were eaten, more fish died directly on the beach, and even the extremely precious finless porpoise, 7 died due to factors such as stranding. According to normal circumstances, the water level of Poyang Lake will slowly drop in autumn, the tidal flats will gradually be exposed, and the aquatic plants will gradually grow in layers. But now it is ahead of schedule. A large number of fish have been pecked and sunburned to death. When the winter migratory birds arrive, the aquatic plants have already grown and grown old, and there is a lack of young shoots for geese and other birds to feed. They will find that the ecological environment of Poyang Lake is no longer suitable for wintering, so some will fly away, some will starve to death, and some will even stare at human farmland and ponds.

Why does this happen?

Poyang Lake's reversal of dryness during the flood season is undoubtedly an anomalous phenomenon, and it has never seen such a serious reduction in its water area in the past 10 years. According to the records of previous years, from early July to mid-August is the high water season of Poyang Lake, and from late October to early April of the following year is the dry season. So what is the reason for this abnormal phenomenon? The China Meteorological Administration revealed that the continuous high temperature and drought are the main reasons for this phenomenon. Since August, the highest temperature in 91 counties (cities and districts) in Jiangxi has exceeded 35 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature in 53 counties (cities and districts) has exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. Among them, Jiujiang Xiushui County is the highest, reaching 42.6 degrees Celsius. It broke the highest record since 2003. Affected by the abnormally strong subtropical high pressure in the northern hemisphere, clouds are scarce in inland areas and extremely high temperature climates appear, so even if you want to artificially rain, there is basically no chance. The abnormally strong subtropical high is the most direct and important reason for the occurrence of drought. Affected by phenomena such as La Niña and global warming, the global atmospheric circulation has been abnormal, and finally a series of climate changes have been triggered. Especially since August, the intensity of the high pressure center has increased rapidly, and the control range includes the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and its north. To alleviate this phenomenon, we can only expect rain to appear. According to the meteorology, there will be three rainfalls in September, which will help improve the lake water environment and ecological environment. When some abnormal phenomenon occurs, there are often rumors. Some people often associate some rare phenomena with each other, which breeds many rumors. Here we need to remind everyone that although the flood season of Poyang Lake is an anomalous phenomenon, there is also a scientific explanation, so please don’t interpret it too much.


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